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Protect SNAP
Send a message to Congress asking that SNAP remains fully funded!
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Right now, Congress is threatening to turn SNAP into a block grant.

Block grants aren't grants—they are cuts—and if passed would jeopardize the ability of tens of thousands of Massachusetts residents to access enough nutritious food to keep from going hungry.

Speak up today by sending an email to your Representatives thanking them for working to ensure SNAP remains fully funded.

Protect SNAP
Send a message to Congress asking that SNAP remains fully funded!

The Facts

Our perspective on solutions takes into account the need to strengthen the regional food system, the rights of working adults to earn a living wage, and the right for all people in Massachusetts to have access to fresh and healthy food. 

Poverty Line

Nationally, more than 91% of SNAP benefits go to households with incomes below the poverty line. This is equal to $19,790 for a family of three.

Minimum Wage

A popular belief is that minimum and low-wage jobs are predominantly held by teenagers but over 200,000 children in Massachusetts have a parent that earns less than $11 per hour.

Households on SNAP

As of October 2013, there were 501,212 MA households participating in SNAP.  This number continues to grow.

Campaigns and Actions

Changing public policies can make a substantial and positive impact in the lives of families who struggle to make ends meet. You can help influence policies that protect people from hunger by taking action on these current campaigns. You will be helping to ensure that everyone in Massachusetts can access nutritious food—a basic right!

Take Action: Protect SNAP

Thank your Congressional leaders for ensuring that SNAP remains fully funded.


In Massachusetts, 1 in 9 residents receive SNAP. And in FY2016, SNAP kept 141,000 of our state’s residents out of poverty. Right now, Congress is threatening to turn SNAP into a block grant. If SNAP were to become a block grant, each state would receive a pre-determined amount to spend. States would determine who was eligible or they could decide that everyone gets lower benefits. And when the funding ran out (even if there was another economic recession), SNAP recipients would be left to fend for themselves until the next budget cycle. In other words, block grants aren’t grants – they are cuts.

Today, you can be an advocate for healthy food for all by helping to protect SNAP. Click here to send an email directly to Massachusetts Senators and Representatives, thanking them for ensuring that SNAP remains fully funded.

Making a Difference

Project Bread’s work in public policy and advocacy is changing the conversation around hunger in our state and beyond. And it is helping to evolve the way we, and others, approach the needs of the food insecure in Massachusetts. Together, we can elevate the voices of all of those who face hunger — and ensure their needs are met with dignity and efficacy.

Get Involved

We’re changing the conversation, and changing lives. Join us.