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Before it's too late — urge your legislators to pass School Meals for All — making free school meals for every student permanent in Massachusetts!

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Our Policy Work

Project Bread understands that hunger can't be solved through stop-gap measures. Instead, our work seeks to provide sustainable, scalable solutions that permanently move the needle on ending hunger.

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Ayanna Pressley visits Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition's Mattapan Farmers Market, a Summer Eats site, on opening day with Project Bread

We recognize that communities and people of color are disproportionately impacted by hunger because systemic racism leads to economic inequity and health disparities. As part of our efforts to eradicate hunger, we advocate for both state and federal policy change to expand food access and program eligibility, clarify misconceptions about receiving support, and increase awareness and participation in available programs. 

Our policy impact

How our policy work is succeeding

Food is our most basic need. We identify policies that create barriers to people using federal nutrition programs or accessing food, and we advocate for new policies to break those barriers down so that everyone in Massachusetts has enough to eat.

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The Feed Kids Campaign

Our coalition made history at a hearing to make free school meals permanent in MA

The Joint Committee on Education will vote at a hearing on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 on whether this bill to make school meals availble at no-cost to all students in Massachusetts will move forward. 

If the Commitee votes out the bill:

  • Favorably: We are one step closer to School Meals for All becoming enacted into law.
  • Unfavorably: We will refile the bill next legislative cycle and try again. 

You can help by completing this action alert to urge the MA legislature to support 'School Meals for All'.

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Feed Kids Campaign

It's time to ensure School Meals for All.

We've joined forces with some of our most influential and dedicated anti-hunger partners and allies to launch the Feed Kids Campaign! A state-level legislative campaign in support of School Meals for All Massachusetts students. 

The Feed Kids Coalition—led by Project Bread—and bill sponsors Senator Sal DiDomenico and Representative Andy Vargas have filed legislation for School Meals for All.

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Our history of success

Explore the timeline below to see our how our research and advocacy has led to enduring change across the state to permenantly remove barriers to food access and reduce food insecurity in Massachusetts.

Community Action


The Walk for Hunger

Patrick Hughes led the first Walk for Hunger from the Paulist Center in downtown Boston. An estimated 2,000 people walked 29.6 miles, raising $26,000 to help fund two hunger projects. The first pledge walk in the country, the Walk had two purposes: raise funds to help people experiencing hunger and stand together for social justice and social change that would eventually eliminate hunger. This is still true today and continues to be an annual force for change. 

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Child Nutrition


Child Nutrition Outreach Program

Conducted the first evidence-based study of hunger among low-income families in the state in 1991 with the MA Department of Public Health and the MA Anti-Hunger Coalition, called the Childhood Community Hunger Identification Project (CCHIP). The findings of this study led to the creation of the Child Nutrition Outreach Program —a parternship between Project Bread and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to support school meal programs and help children access healthy meals during the school year and summers.

a boy smiling, wearing a Summer Eats t-shirt in Worcester at a meal site Starts Line

Child Nutrition


Universal School Breakfast

Project Bread sponsored a study, conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, that proved that children who ate breakfast at school were more likely to do well in math, have fewer absences, and require fewer trips to the school nurse. This work led to the bipartisan adoption Universal Breakfast in low-income schools throughout the state, which provides breakfast free of charge to all students regardless of household income.

Elementary school student eating breakfast in the classroom in Amherst Starts Line

Child Nutrition


Direct certification for free school meals

Piloted a collaboration between state agencies, called the Child Nutrition Access Project, that automatically enrolled children receiving SNAP into the free and reduced-price school meals program, reducing the need for multiple applications. This program is now statewide and enrolls hundreds of thousands of children for free school meals each year.

Students lined up at the lunch counter with their trays getting school lunch Starts Line

Equitable Access


Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)

Teamed up with the MA Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) to launch the state-wide Healthy Incentives Program, which helps low-income housholds use their SNAP benefits to shop at farmer's markets and local vendors to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Two men purchasing farm-fresh produce from the Stonehill Mobile Market Starts Line

Child Nutrition


Breakfast After the Bell

Project Bread played a critical role in ensuring that the Rise and Shine Coalition’s Breakfast After the Bell legislation — An Act Regarding Breakfast After the Bell — was successfully passed. Beginning in school year 2022-2023, all students who attend a school in which 60% or more of their students are eligible for free or reduced price school meals will be required to offer breakfast after the bell to all students.

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Child Nutrition


Addressing school meal debt

Project Bread was instrumental in the passage of An Act Promoting Student Nutrition, a bill that addresses both the root causes of unpaid meal debt as well as the impact unpaid meal debt has on students — prohibiting schools from certain meal debt collection practices that involves or penalizes the student. Alongside our partners at the MA Law Reform Institute, Project Bread was a champion of this bill, helping draft legislative language, providing data and research, and mobilizing advocates leading to this bill becoming law. 

A elementary aged boy holds a school lunch tray while two school nutrition staff serve him from a line Starts Line