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Walk Teams

The Walk for Hunger is a community event, and teams are the heart of it! 

Ready to get your team together?  We call them "Walk Teams" but all types of participants can join a team—Walkers, 5K Runners, Virtual Walkers (can't attend the event, but create fundraising pages!) and Volunteers. Don't forget to tell your potential teammates about the 3-mile walk route option!

Corporate Teams 

Forming a team or making a financial contribution to the Walk for Hunger is a powerful way for companies and organizations to support and give back to their community and align with a community-driven movement that has generated half a decade of social change in Massachusetts. Through your corporate walk team, you have the opportunity to actively support your employees, champion their efforts, promote team-building, and foster a strong culture of social responsibly. 

To get started or learn more about, Contact Justine Kane or 617-239-2570. 

Anti-hunger programs 

Leverage The Walk for Hunger to directly raise funds for your own anti-hunger work, join The Commonwealth! Learn more below.

Schools & Student Groups

Inspire the youth of today! 1 in 9 children in Massachusetts don't have enough to eat. The Walk for Hunger gives students a platform to have a voice and take action to make a difference for their peers who don't have enough to eat. Fundraise as a school, talk about the issue and impact of hunger in their state, teach them about solutions and give them a way to make a difference! Also, checkout The Commonwealth below, your school may have a program your team can directly support with its fundraising!

Faith-based Teams

The Walk for Hunger unites people from across economic, cultural, social, and generational lines—a true unifier. Inspire your faith community to help your neighbors in need and walk together in unity toward an equitable Massachustts. 

Family & Friends

Family, friends, community groups, scout troops, book clubs, greek life, youth groups—there are so many types of teams to form from your personal network—supporting your community is a cause that we can all rally around. 

The Commonwealth 

Leverage The Walk for Hunger to directly raise funds for your own anti-hunger work!

In 2020, Project Bread is thrilled to be building off the success of our Walk for Hunger co-fundraising pilot program with the launch of The Commonwealth.  Reigniting and inspiring grassroots engagement to build a movement of people passionate about ending hunger, The Commonwealth empowers programs to leverage their local connections to engage Walkers and raise more money at the local level. 

Eligible organizations are invited to join The Commonwealth to leverage The Walk for Hunger to directly raise funds for their own anti-hunger work, by forming a single team to represent the organization and retaining 60% of funds raised with the remaining 40% of funds raised applied to the statewide effort and the cost of the event. 

Teams in The Commonwealth must meet a minimum fundraising threshold of $500 to qualify. The total amount raised will be allocated to the 60/40 split, excluding registration fees. 


  • All programs wishing to participate and form teams in The Commonwealth must complete the enrollment form, by April 15, 2020. This is to verify eligibility, the form will be availble on January, 31, 2020.

  • All donations must be received by Project Bread, by June 30, 2020. Donations received after this date will contribute to the statewide effort. 

    • Funds raised by teams participating in The Commonwealth in 2020 will be granted and released to their organization by September 30, 2020. 


All non-profit programs making healthy food more accessible and/or affordable to low-income people in Massachusetts are eligible to participate in The Commonwealth. Examples include:

  • School-based pantries
  • Back-pack programs
  • School gardens
  • Food pantries
  • Meal programs
  • Multi-service centers' food resource programming
  • Food rescue
  • Farm and garden programs

Use of Funds

Funds should be used for anti-hunger efforts only. This can include general operating for anti-hunger programs. Eligible use of funds: School teams, health centers, etc., raising money for:
  • On-site food pantries
  • Micro-pantries
  • Back-pack programs
  • School gardens
  • School breakfast equipment
  • Summer Eats equipment
  • Double-bucks programs at farmers markets, corner stores, etc. 
Funding exemptions: 
  • Nutrition education
  • Federally-reimbursable food costs


In 2019, Project Bread launched a fundraising pilot program for The Walk for Hunger with our community partners. 48 anti-hunger partners participated, leveraging their local connections to raise awareness for the issue, to strengthen our united effort to fight hunger in Massachusetts, and successfully fundraised $119,700 to support their own programs, granted to them through what is now, The Commonwealth.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I submitted the enrollment form, now what?

Project Bread's Walk for Hunger Team will be in touch to support you! You will receive an email which will include:

  • Your approval and approved Team Name (this will be the name of your program)
    • Only funds raised by this Team will be eligible in The Commonwealth 
  • Your Team Captain can form your Team (make sure you use your assigned Team Name). 
  • While registering and forming your team, select "The Commonewealth" as your Team Division.

We live too far from Boston to attend the event, or can't make it. Can we still participate? 

Participants can create personal fundraising pages by registering as a "Virtual Walker". Virtual Walkers can join teams, and even form teams as Captains. There is no registration fee to participate as a Virtual Walker. 

Can we use a different Team Name then the one you gave us?

No. Or atleast not without asking first. This is so we can keep track of who has been approved to form a team in The Commonwealth, as there can only be a single team per program. If you want to use a different name because your program is better known in the community as something else, please contact and we will consider on a case by case basis. 

We want to have more than one team to support our program, can we do that?

No. All programs participating in The Commonwealth are allowed one team. Funds raised by two teams cannot be combined at any point, and only funds raised under the approved Team Name will be eligible for the 60/40 split. 

Is there a limit to the size of my team or the amount we can raise?

No. There is no limitation on team size or amount of money you can raise.

I'm a member of the community, but I want to start a team in The Commonwealth to support my local program. Can I do that?

Yes! You just need to contact that program or organization to verify they havent already started a team you can join, and for them to submit the elibility form. Once they do and are approved, they can hand you the keys to form the team and be the Team Captain. 

Walk for Hunger Team Honor Roll

When your team raises $2,500 or more, you will be recognized on our Team Honor Roll! You will be recognized on, Team Honor Roll board on Boston Common, and in the post-walk Impact Report. 

Team Resources

Recruitment Materials 

Print, post, or pass out these recruitment and fundraising materials! Coming soon! 

Charter Buses

Looking for worry-free event transportation for the whole team?

  • Order a charter bus ($620 per bus) to pick-up yur team at one location, take you to the Common, and back home again
  • Raise $5,000 as a team by Walk Day and be eligible for total reimbursement
  • Raise $2,500 - $4,999 as a team by Walk Day, and be eligible for a $300 reimbursement
  • Must order by April 26, 2020
For more information or to place an order, contact Kellie Vehlies at or 617-239-2548

*Reimbursement thresholds differ for fundraising pilot agencies. Contact Kellie for details.

Guest Speakers

Submit a request for a Walk for Hunger Success Coach to visit your school, company, organization or group:

  • Rallying community support
  • Excite people to join and fundraise for your Walk Team
  • Help your team understand their impact

For more information or to submit a request for a guest speaker, contact Justine Kane at or 617-239-2570

Lead your team to success

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