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Heart & Sole Circle

Be a part of our special Heart & Sole Circle by fundraising $500 or more for the Walk for Hunger!

Are you part of the Heart & Sole Circle (raise $500 or more by May 7)?

Please print and complete this Heart & Sole Registration Form and bring it with you when you check-in at the Heart & Sole Tent! 

The impact you make will be life-changing for hundreds of families in our local communities. Did you know that $500 can provide 2,000 of your neighbors in need with a hot meal through a community supper program, or 250 kids with a nutritious lunch at a meal site during summer vacation in their town? 


Heart & Sole Walkers are all ages, from 9 to 90. Whether this is your first year walking or your 49th, you have the opportunity to help us break the cycle of hunger for neighbors throughout the Commonwealth. Heart & Sole Walkers are rock star supporters, and as a group, they historically raise half of all funds raised through the Walk each year. They are truly making a difference. 

You can be a Heart & Sole Walker! It's within reach (and fun) to raise $500. We have an abundance of fundraising tips and resources to help you achieve your goal, and a dedicated staff that will be there to help you every step of the way. 

Register now as a Heart & Sole Walker and you will be assigned a Success Coach who will be your support throughout the Walk season. Your Coach will be able to provide fundraising tips and make sure you have the best Walk experience possible. 

Once you reach your Heart & Sole fundraising goal, we will welcome you into the Heart & Sole Circle and you will also receive exclusive benefits.

Need help getting started? Call our Heart & Sole Manager, Eric Si, at 617-239-2506 or email He would love to hear from you!

Heart & Sole FAQs

Do matching gifts count toward Heart & Sole fundraising totals?
Yes, your employer and your donors' employers can make matching gifts that will count toward your donation total!

Are Walk Volunteers eligible to become members of the Heart & Sole Circle?
Absolutely! Many Volunteers raise $500 or more to become Heart & Sole Volunteers. 

Are Runners eligible to become members of the Heart & Sole Circle?
Absolutely! Runners who raise $500 or more become Heart & Solers too. Many runners participate in both the 5K and the Walk, too!

If a Walk team collectively raises $500, do they all become Heart & Sole Walkers?
No, only Walkers who individually raise $500 or more can become Heart & Sole Walkers. However, Walkers are invited to start a team of Heart & Sole Walkers and will be considered part of the Heart & Sole Circle provided each Walker’s individual pledge sheet/online pledge page totals at least $500. 

What if a Walker cannot raise $500 by the day of the Walk? Is there any chance for Heart & Sole Circle membership?
Yes. Walkers are welcome to and strongly encouraged to continue fundraising after the Walk. Mail all donations to:

Project Bread - The Walk for Hunger
Attn: Heart & Sole Circle
145 Border Street
East Boston, MA 02128