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Hunger is silent, so we speak up

Always on the 1st Sunday in May on Boston Common, Project Bread's Walk for Hunger is the longest-running community event in the country that raises awareness about hunger and funds to support programs across Massachusetts that help residents access food! 

We don't wait for change—we walk for it!

51 years ago in Boston, a small group of people brought to life a big idea. Hunger was a problem in Massachusetts. And they weren’t going to wait around for someone else to do something about it. So what did they do? They walked. 

Their actions made a difference then, and still do today. The people of Massachusetts have followed in their footsteps for five decades to come together in Boston on the first Sunday of May. Every year, more than 10,000 caring people like you support the Walk for Hunger to shine a spotlight on the issue of hunger, acknowledge and help our neighbors who don't have enough to eat, and raise both awareness and much-needed funds to invest in community-based solutions to hunger.

Through your support of the 50th Walk for Hunger, Project Bread invested $1 million in community programs across Massachusetts.

You are changing lives, restoring hope, and walking toward a better future for all of Massachusetts. 

How you're ending hunger

You walked, ran, and volunteered. You donated and sponsored Massachusetts' largest day of community action against hunger. Through your support of Project Bread's 50th Walk for Hunger, in 2018 we invested $1 million in 315 community programs across 97 Massachusetts cities and towns.

You made all this possible:

    • 304,589 bags of groceries provided to families at local food pantries
    • 102,012 hot meals served at community meal programs
    • 231,400 pounds of locally-grown fresh produce provided to low-income residents through farm & garden initiatives
    • 3,025 emergency food vouchers provided to elders, homeless, and refugees
    • 171,655 pounds of food rescued and redistributed to people in need
You are funding research that will look closely at the causes of hunger in some of our state's highest-need communities. The insights gained through our research will inform and drive Project Bread's work and support a wide spectrum of anti-hunger organziations throughout Massachusetts. We look forward to sharing this with you when it is complete! 

You are supporting statewide solutions including expanding support to enroll food-insecure residents and families in federal nutrition programs, giving them stable access to nutritious food in their schools, supermarkets and communities.

Take a look at the full 2018 Impact Report to see how we are advancing efforts to address hunger in Massachusetts—made possible by the 50th Walk! This report also includes a full list of Project Bread's 2018 Grant Recipients.

2018 Community Investments Impact Report


Top Individuals

  1 -  Mark Sternman ($1,511.00)
  2 -  Regina Wu ($1,150.00)
  3 -  David Mazzola ($1,100.00)
  4 -  Isabel Hettenbach ($840.00)
  5 -  Jamie Yadoff ($700.00)
  6 -  Luke Ross ($620.00)
  7 -  Stephen Peacock ($600.00)
  8 -  Carolann Collins ($560.00)
  9 -  Felicia Mathias ($550.00)
  10 -  Jessica Smith ($500.00)

Top Teams

  1 -  Newton Food Pantry ($1,750.00)
  2 -  Let's Get This Bread ($840.00)
  3 -  We Have Pierce Pride ($825.00)
  4 -  CC Cares ($660.00)
  5 -  CarterCares ($500.00)
  6 -  The Paulist Center: Home of Wed. Night Supper Club ($475.00)
  7 -  Potito Posse ($346.00)
  8 -  Honey Badgers ($275.00)
  9 -  Walking with Jane ($250.00)
  10 -  Chelsea She-Devils ($200.00)

Top Organizations

  1 - Newton Food Pantry ($1,750.00)
  2 - Belmont High School ($840.00)
  3 - Public Schools of Brookline ($825.00)
  4 - Edelman Financial Engines ($600.00)
  5 - Project Bread ($555.00)
  6 - Carter Memorial UMC ($500.00)
  7 - The Paulist Center: Home of Wed. Night Supper Club ($475.00)
  8 - Miles River Sand & Gravel ($275.00)
  9 - Chelsea Public Schools Food Service Dept ($200.00)
  10 - Emmaus Inc. ($125.00)

3 Routes. How will you Walk for Hunger?

All routes begin and end on Boston Common

 3 Mile Walk route  20 mile walk route  5K Run

2019 Walk for Hunger Routes

Thank you to our sponsors

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Eastern Bank
Webster Bank
Sponsored by WROR