Chefs in Schools

Our Chefs in Schools program engages kids with delicious and healthy lunches.

Our Chefs in Schools program helps school kitchen staff and parents learn to prepare healthy meals that children will eat.

Our Chefs in Schools program brings chefs into school cafeteria kitchens to work with staff to create healthier meals—on a public school budget—that children will find tasty and visually appealing. The program works to increase low-income students' consumption of healthy foods; expose students to nutritious meals that taste good; and give school districts the tools they need to offer healthy, fresh meals every day. 

The program launched in Boston Public Schools in 2006. Since then, we have expanded the program to additional communities, with the ultimate goal of transforming the quality of school meals across Massachusetts. 

Through our Chefs in Schools Program, Project Bread has demonstrated that healthy food can be offered within the federal reimbursable meal budget that, when prepared in an appealing way, children will eat it. According to research done in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health, Chefs in Schools not only improves the overall nutritional quality of school meals, but also reduces food waste in schools. 

For school food service staff or parents and community members looking to make healthy changes to your school or districts breakfast and lunch programs, visit for Chefs in Schools recipes and resources.