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Meet Sarah Wolfson, No Kid Hungry Youth Ambassador
Spotlight Sarah Wolfson

Hi! I'm Sarah Wolfson, and I started interning with Project Bread's Child Nutrition Outreach Program (CNOP) in January as a Youth Ambassador for Share Our Strength | No Kid Hungry.

I'll be working with CNOP through the spring semester, assisting with social media and outreach around school breakfast and summer meals. I'm a senior at Tufts University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child Development and Film and Media Studies. I've always had an interest in food security and access, so I am very excited about working with Project Bread on these exciting initiatives.

Growing up, food access and healthy eating were always big topics in my house. My mom worked for The Food Trust, a nonprofit in Philadelphia focused on increasing food access for people living in food deserts, and she often talked about places she visited where people had no access to fresh or nutritious food. She'd travel to different states to talk to corner store owners and people living in food deserts, and it wasn’t until college that I realized just how widespread food insecurity is; it’s not just in far-off states I had no connection to.

After joining Tufts Food Collaborative, I learned that I could help fight food insecurity on a local level right from Tufts' campus in Somerville. I volunteer in the dining halls packaging uneaten food into ready-made, microwaveable meals that Food For Free (an organization that receives Walk for Hunger funding) picks up and distributes to food-insecure individuals and people living in homes with limited cooking appliances. Additionally, this past winter break I volunteered with The Food Trust in Philadelphia, talking to people at corner stores in low-income areas of the city about the types of food available in their neighborhoods.

This semester, in addition to interning part-time with Project Bread, I am taking a nutrition class and a food systems class that is doing field work to research the flow of food waste in Somerville. I am excited about this opportunity to intern at Project Bread as a Youth Ambassador and expand my knowledge of the food system and the work being done to expand access to healthy food. No Kid Hungry funds Youth Ambassadors in various states, and it's been inspiring to learn about the work that other Youth Ambassadors are doing across the country. Learning about the need that still exists in Massachusetts has been an eye-opening experience, and I am inspired by Project Bread's commitment to making healthy meals accessible to all kids in the state.

I hope to continue working within the food system to try and create an environment where nutritious food is a right instead of a privilege, and where everyone has reliable access to healthy food.

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