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Grant Information

Until hunger ends™

Hunger is complex. To effectively address the problem, we need to come at it from every angle. That's why we supports the work of anti-hunger partners and invest in growing community programs that give residents reliable access to healthy food, every day.

Applications for funding are submitted and reviewed in our Online Community Grant Portal. If you have never requested funding from Project Bread using this portal, you will need to set up an account as a "New Applicant". Before applying, please carefully read the instructions below:

Start a new application:
  • Review the funding opportunities and follow the link provided to the onilne grant application. 
  • New to Project Bread's Online Community Grant Portal? Set up an account as a "New Applicant" or login using your credentials. 
  • Complete and submit or use the "Save and Finish Later" feature, You can return to your application at any time to complete it, following the below instructions. 
Return to a "Saved" application:
  • Do not go back to the application link in the accordions, this will start a new application. 
  • Go to My Account Page to access your previously started application. 
  • Don't see the application you started? On the right-hand side of the screen, a drop-down menu says "Show". Select "In Progress Applications" from the drop-down menu (not "Submitted Applications"). 

Current 2020 Funding Opportunities:

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth

Reigniting and inspiring grassroots engagement to build a movement of people passionate about ending hunger, The Commonwealth is a program that allows our community anti-hunger partners to leverage The Walk for Hunger to directly raise funds for your own anti-hunger work!

Eligible organizations are invited to join The Commonwealth to directly raise funds for their own anti-hunger work, by forming a single Walk for Hunger team to represent the organization and retaining 60% of funds raised with the remaining 40% of funds raised applied to the statewide effort and cost of the event. 

Teams in The Commonwealth must meet a minimum fundraising threshold of $500 to qualify for the 60/40 split. Once met, the total amount raised by the team will be allocated to the 60/40 split, excluding registration fees. 

The Walk for Hunger is on May, 3, 2020 on Boston Common. 


  • All programs wishing to participate and form teams in The Commnwealth must complete the enrollment form, by April 15, 2020. This is to verify eligibility.

    • The form is hosted in Project Bread's grant making portal. If you have never created an account before, you will need to before accessing the form. 

  • All donations must be received by Project Bread, by June 30, 2020. Donations received after this date will contribute to the statewide effort. 

    • Funds raised by teams participating in The Commonwealth in 2020 will be granted and released to their organization by September 30, 2020. 

Whose Eligible?

All non-profit programs making healthy food more accessible and/or affordable to low-income people in Massachusetts are eligible to participate in The Commonwealth. Examples include:

  • School-based food pantries
  • Back-pack programs
  • School gardens
  • Food pantries
  • Meal programs
  • Multi-service centers' food resource programming
  • Food rescue
  • Farm and garden programs

Use of Funds

Funds should be used by anti-hunger efforts only. This can include general operating for anti-hunger programs. Eligible use of funds: School teams, health centers, etc... raising money for:

  • On-site food pantries
  • Micro-pantries
  • Back-pack programs
  • School gardens
  • School breakfast equipment
  • Summer Eats equipment
  • Double-bucks programs at farmers markets, corner stores, etc.

Funding exemptions: Nutrition education and federally-reimbursable food costs


I submitted the enrollment form, now what?

Project Bread's Walk for Hunger Team will be in touch to support you! You will receive an email which will include:

    • Your approval and approved Team Name (this will be the name of your program) Only funds raised by this Team will be eligible in The Commonwealth. 
    • Your Team Captain can form your Team using your assigned Team Name
    • While registering and forming your team, select "The Commonwealth" as your Team Division

We live too far from Boston to attend the event, or can't make it. Can we still participate?

Yes! Participants can create personal fundraising pages by registering Virtual Walkers. Virtual Walkers can join teams, and even form teams as Captains. There is no registration fee for Virtual Walkers.

Can we use a different Team Name from the one Project Bread provided us? 

No. Or at least not without asking first. This is so we can keep track of who has been approved to join The Commonwealth, as there can only be a single team per program. If you want to us a different name, because your program is better known in the community as something else, please contact and will will consider on a case-by-case basis.

We want to have more than one team to support our program, can we do that? 

No. All programs participating in The Commonwealth are allowed one team. Funds raised by two teams cannot be combined at any point. And only funds raised under the approved Team Name will be eligible for the 60/40 split.

Is there a limit to the size of my team, or the amount we can raise?

No. There is no limitation on team size or amount of money you can raise.

I'm a member of the community, but I want to start a team in The Commonwealth to support a local program. Can I do that?

Yes! You will need to contact that program or organization to verify they haven't already started a team you can join, and ask them to submit the eligibility form found on Once they do that and are approved, they can hand you the keys to form the team and be the Team Captain. 

How you can help

You play an important role in our work. Funds for our Community Grant Program are largely made possibly by people like you—caring residents who take part in our annual community fundraiser, the Walk for Hunger (May 5, 2019), and dedicated corporate partners committed to ending hunger in Massachusetts. Until hunger ends, join us.