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About Project Bread

A fresh approach to ending hunger

Project Bread is committed to preventing and ending hunger in Massachusetts. We provide access to food for people who are hungry today while working to break the cycle of hunger through advocacy, education, and community action. 

With the support of our partners, donors, corporate sponsors, individuals—and tens of thousands of Walkers—we work to break the cycle of hunger and poverty by devising, funding, advocating for, and facilitating solutions that change lives across the Commonwealth. As the only statewide anti-hunger organization, we listen and learn, identify needs and opportunities, and connect people, resources, and programs—in ways both tried and new.

We are public educators and thought leaders

Hunger exists all across our state, but because it is concentrated in specific areas it is not always apparent. By reframing how hunger is perceived, by putting it within a larger economic and social context, and by empowering those we serve to take part in solutions, we remove the stigma, connect more people with the support they need, and, ultimately, enable those in need to give back to their own communities.

We are conveners and connectors

We bring different folks to the table: farmers, legislators, school food workers, community food providers, organizers of farmers’ markets, parents…all to continually craft more effective solutions in our communities. We partner with both private and government groups who operate effective programs throughout the state to evolve and implement even more effective solutions. By combining our resources and efforts, we maximize the impact of all we do.

We are funders

We raise money for, and invest in, programs that make a difference—programs that provide a range of solutions. We advance thriving local food initiatives, community supported agriculture programs, urban agriculture, subsidized markets in at-risk neighborhoods, emergency food activities, and childhood nutrition programs.

Across all of our work, we are innovators and a catalyst for change

We advocate for our state’s most vulnerable populations; we inform our efforts with research conducted in collaboration with top academic institutions; and we drive innovation by joining forces with both government and industry to develop and pilot new models.