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When you donate to Project Bread, you do more than just feed a person.

We approach our work with the knowledge that people, not food, are at the center of hunger. Through programs and policy meant to get at the root of what causes hunger, we tackle the systems that create food insecurity, with the goal of permanently solving hunger for children, families, and adults in Massachusetts.

We know that having immediate access to food isn't enough. In order to end hunger, we need to ensure long-term solutions that are scalable and sustainable - so that everyone has access to food and the agency to choose when and how they eat. Your support is the reason we are able to think bigger and bolder. We are the leading anti-hunger nonprofit in Massachusetts, but we can only do it with your support.

Hunger is a systemic problem. We know that it's rooted in poverty, it's rooted in income inequality, it's rooted in cost of living. But programs like School Breakfast and School Lunch are systemic solutions.”

Erin McAleer, President, Project Bread

community work

Addressing hunger through programs

In Massachusetts, too many of our residents are not accessing federal food benefits despite being eligible. Through our Healthcare Partnerships, SNAP Outreach, and FoodSource Hotline, we meet individuals where they are, helping to improve food access for adults and families throughout the state. In addition, Project Bread works to ensure that low-income children in Massachusetts have access to nutritious meals year-round by working with schools and community partners across the state to improve, expand, and increase participation in School Breakfast, Summer Eats, and our Community Nutrition Services to improve the quality of food provided in federally-reimbursed meal programs for kids.

policy work

Addressing hunger through advocacy

Hunger in Massachusetts is largely caused by the slow growth of wages that fail to keep up with the high costs of everyday living, like housing, transportation, and childcare. These challenges prevent households from affording basic necessities like food. Project Bread engages Massachusetts legislators in policy solutions to strengthen critical nutrition programs while working with our partners to address the underlying factors contributing to hunger.

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