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Welcome to the summer of yum

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Summer Eats is a totally free-of-charge program that provides free meals to all kids and teens, ages 18 and under, at locations all across Massachusetts during the summer months.

Hundreds of Summer Eats sites will operate all across MA this summer.

As site details are finalized, the map of 2024 Summer Eats sites will be available here.

Please check back regularly for updates.

About Summer Eats

Welcome to the Summer of Yum!

Summer Eats livens up every kid’s summer by filling their bellies and filling their days with activities that get them out, up, and moving.

Brought to you by Massachusetts' Department of Education and local school and community meal providers, Summer Eats sites across the state provide free meals to all kids and teens, no identification or registration required. Caregivers can rest easier knowing meals are off their hands, and use that time and energy to focus on everything else on their to-do list.

Meals are provided for kids and teens to eat on site! Learn more in the FAQ's below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Eats is a federal nutrition program designed to ensure that all youth (18 and under) have access to healthy meals and snacks during the summer, when school is not in session! Free meals are available to all kids and teens at hundreds of sites across the state. Find sites, days, and times using the map above.

All kids in Massachusetts, ages 0-18, can receive free meals at any Summer Eats site listed on the map above.

No, due to federal regulations, caregivers are not permitted to pick up meals for children and take them home. Meals must be consumed on site with the child present.

For the majority of sites, per federal regulations, meals must be consumed on site. Grab & go meals are available only at designated rural sites. In the map above, these sites include “grab & go available” in their site name, and specifics of the grab & go operation are included in the “additional info” section of the site detail. Grab & go meal sites may also be identified on the map using the “Filters” tab.

Nope! At all Summer Eats sites listed in the map above, kids and teens can just show up and receive a free meal! No one will check an i.d. or ask any questions.

You can go to any Summer Eats site on the map, it doesn’t need to be in the town you live in. The sites on the map are often updated, so check back to see if sites become available at locations closer to you. 

Absolutely not. No identification will be asked for in order for a child or teen to receive free meals through Summer Eats at any of the sites listed on the map.

Some do, some don't. Many sites strive to include programming or activities for their participants, in addition to providing free meals, but this is on a site-by-site basis. To find out more about activities at a particular site, contact the organization or school district who operates the site you would like to attend. You can also show up in person and ask the staff! 

The exact meals served vary by location and are usually prepared by the sponsoring organization in the community. A combination of breakfast, lunch, snack and/or supper may be provided. All meals served in Summer Eats must meet nutrition standards established by the USDA. Fruits and vegetables are provided with every meal, along with whole grains. Contact the local sponsoring organization if you have questions about the exact menus served.

It is likely that the site will be able to provide a meal that is free from allergens for the child to eat, but they will need to know in advance to prepare accordingly. Contact the organization or school district who operates the site you would like to attend and ask whether they are able to accommodate the specific allergies and let them know which site/meal times you would like to attend.

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), known in Massachusetts as Summer Eats, is a federally-funded, state-administered program. Summer Eats program operators receive federal reimbursement for the free healthy meals and snacks they serve to children and teens while school is out.

Yes! If you are receiving Summer EBT you can still attend Summer Eats locations and eat free meals all summer. You are strongly encouraged to utilize both programs, and no questions will be asked at Summer Eats sites regarding your eligibility for EBT or any other program.

Sunny Days + Free Meals for Kids Ahead

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Our Partnership

Project Bread’s Child Nutrition Outreach Program partners with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to ensure free meals are accessible to kids and teens across Massachusetts through Summer Eats.

Summer Eats provides fuel for the summer. Starts Line