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More graphics available inside.

Suggested Copy: Fundraise

Support our team, [TEAM NAME], for @ProjectBread’s 55th The #WalkforHunger! As part of The Commonwealth fundraising share program, 60% of the $$ our team raises will directly support our work at [ORGANIZATION], with the other 40% funding statewide hunger relief. Your contribution today will make a difference to many hungry kids and families. [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Help us reach our team’s fundraising goal for @ProjectBread’s The #WalkforHunger! Your donation today will ensure kids and families across MA have reliable access to healthy, nutritious foods, as well as, directly support our own anti-hunger work at [ORGANIZATION]. Show your support: [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE]

DYK 1 in 5 households with kids in MA are currently facing food insecurity? By donating to our team, [TEAM NAME], in support of @ProjectBread’s The #WalkforHunger, you’ll be helping our neighbors access the food they need. Here’s how: as part of The Commonwealth program, 60% of your donation supports our work at [ORGANIZATION], while the other 40% helps the statewide response to the hunger crisis. Ready to help us reach our goal? [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Suggested Copy: Recruit

Your support is urgently needed! Join our team, [TEAM NAME], for @ProjectBread’s 55th The #WalkforHunger,and help provide hunger relief to kids & families across MA. 60% of what our team raises will directly benefit our own programs at [ORGANIZATION], with the other 40% funding statewide hunger response! Register for free now & join our team: [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Are you ready to be a part of something big? Join our Commonwealth team for The #WalkforHunger with @ProjectBread to raise money for hungry kids and families across Massachusetts! Register for free & join our team today: [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE]