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Social Toolkit for Holiday Fundraisers


Use this toolkit to help promote your Holiday Fundraiser in support of Project Bread across your social media. In this toolkit you will find social media graphics for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as, suggested copy (below).


We've even included a Holiday Bingo Card for your Instagram Stories for a fun way to inspire small donations from your community of friends & family! How do you use it? It's easy! Simply, post the graphic to your IG story and ask folks to help you complete your card by donating one of the amounts to your fundraiser! Once completed, make sure to tag @ProjectBread so we can celebrate the first to check off all the donations amount.

Preview of Toolkit (more graphics available once downloaded)
Preview of Toolkit (more graphics available once downloaded)
Preview of Toolkit (more graphics available once downloaded)

Suggested Copy

I’m asking all friends and family to support my fundraising efforts to help hungry kids and families across Massachusetts this holiday season. Help me reach my goal of raising $XXX for @ProjectBread.#WeCanEndHunger. BONUS: All November donations will be matched up to $5,000 by a local family! **Add Link to YOUR Fundraiser**

As the holidays approach, I’m asking for YOUR support. I’m fundraising for @ProjectBread, a nonprofit dedicated to breaking the cycle of hunger in Massachusetts. Your donation is urgently needed help ensure no one goes hungry this holiday season. #WeCanEndHunger. ** Add Link to YOUR Fundraiser **

I created a holiday fundraiser to support @ProjectBread to give my neighbors facing food insecurity a place to turn for compassionate help. Will you join me in my efforts to build a hunger-free Massachusetts by donating today and helping me reach my fundraising goal? Together #WeCanEndHunger. **Add Link to YOUR Fundraiser**

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my holiday fundraiser in support of @ProjectBread. We are only $XXX from reaching my fundraising goal of $XXX. There is still time to donate and provide food-relief to kids and families facing food insecurity across Massachusetts. Together, #WeCanEndHunger. **Add Link to YOUR Fundraiser**

I’m raising money for @ProjectBread, because I believe everyone should have access to food with dignity – and this year with the rising cost of food – so many families are worried about feeding themselves and their kids. My fundraising campaign has JUST started, and your generous contribution will have lasting impacts for the 1 in 5 hungry families with children currently facing food insecurity. Help me reach my goal of raising $XXX by [DATE]. #WeCanEndHunger. **Add Link to YOUR Fundraiser**