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I’m gearing up for Massachusetts’ most iconic pledge: @ProjectBread’s The #WalkforHunger. This year, I will be raising money to help provide critical food relief to kids & families across our state, but to get there I need your help– will you donate today and help me reach my goal of $XXX: [FUNDRAISER LINK]

Join me in supporting @ProjectBread’s 55th The #WalkforHunger on Sunday, May 7 to raise critical funds for our neighbors facing food insecurity. This year I will be taking on the challenge of raising $XXX to help make a long-lasting contribution. If I can inspire just five people to contribute [Fundraising Goal/5] or more, I’m there! [FUNDRAISER LINK]

The hunger crisis in Massachusetts is unacceptable. That’s why I am fundraising for @ProjectBread’s annual The #WalkforHunger in support of their mission to help kids and families struggling to afford enough to eat. Help support this important cause by making a gift to my fundraiser: [FUNDRAISER LINK]

Suggested Copy: Join My Team

Hey friends, I’m looking for people to join me in raising critical funds for @ProjectBread's iconic #WalkforHunger on Sunday, May 7. Together, we will raise some dough to provide food relief to kids and families facing insecurity in MA. Are you ready to make a difference with me? Join my walk team today: [TEAM PAGE LINK]

On Sunday, May 7, I will be participating in @ProjectBread’s 55th annual #WalkforHunger to support the thousands of Massachusetts families who need our help right now to afford and access food. Will you join me in my efforts to provide vital food relief and take a step toward ending hunger? Joining my Walk team today: [TEAM PAGE LINK]

Suggested Copy: Midway Goal

🎵 Ohhh, we're halfway there 🎵 Only $XXX more to go to meet my fundraising goal for @ProjectBread’s 55th The #WalkforHunger. Will you help me get all the way there and support hungry kids and families across Massachusetts? Donate to my fundraiser today: [FUNDRAISER LINK]

Guess what? I'm halfway to meeting my fundraising goal for this year’s The #WalkforHunger! If @ProjectBread’s mission to #MakeHungerHistory and help provide critical hunger relief to the 1 in 5 families facing insecurity in MA is near and dear to your heart like it is mine, please consider becoming a supporter and donating to help me reach my goal more quickly! [FUNDRAISER LINK]

Suggested Copy: Final Push

Thanks to YOUR support I’ve already raised $XXX for @ProjectBread’s 55th The #WalkforHunger! There’s only a few days left and I need your help to make the final push to support families across our state struggling to put food on the table. Please help me make a difference by donating today: [FUNDRAISER LINK]