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Customizable Graphics for Breakfast and Lunch (Instagram)


Canva Template is designed to help you promote your menu through customizable graphics for Instagram.

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Suggested Copy

Back-2-school filled with colorful, fresh, and delicious meals available to all students at no cost! Take a look at what [DISTRICT/SCHOOL] School Nutrition/Food Service Team pulled together for kids this week. #StayFullEatAtSchool

At [DISTRICT/SCHOOL], we know that when the school bell rings for lunch, students are ready to munch 🍎 That's why we are always working to create menus that make them excited for free school meals. What meal are you most excited about this week!? #StayFullEatAtSchool

Breakfast and lunch may be necessities, but it doesn't mean they can't be a little fun, too. Here's what we are serving this week at [SCHOOL/DISTRICT]. See you in the caf! #StayFullEatAtSchool