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Your support makes a real difference in the lives of real people. From the parents eating less so their kids can have more, to the elder having to choose between buying groceries and paying bills, your support lifts the burden of food insecurity from those struggling under its weight.

School Breakfast

Jacinta loves rice and beans for breakfast, and that's just what she gets some days at school. Since she started eating breakfast at school, she's not always so tired before lunch like she used to be when that was often her first meal of the day. Recess is definitely more fun now!

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Elsa's Story

Removing barriers to critical nutrition programs

16 years ago, Elsa moved to East Boston from El Salvador with her family in hopes of having a better life. East Boston, which primarily consists of working families, is a vibrant, multi-lingual and multi-national community in Massachusetts where half the residents are foreign-born.

But over the past few years, rent and property values have spiked, and rapid gentrification is displacing many long-time residents or pushing them to their financial limits.

Elsa shares her own experiences with food-insecurity and the now wide-spread fears and impossible choices immigrant families are now faced with in deciding whether or not to utilize basic needs programs to ensure their families are safe and healthy.

Helping feed hungry students

Through Project Bread's School Breakfast program, nearly 46,000 more children had access to school breakfast in 2019.

See how Project Bread's work impacts students throughout Massachusetts.

I always get excited when they bring breakfast to the classroom. I can't wait to see what we'll get that day!”

A fourth grade student, Worcester, MA

Impact Stat Background

Your 2021 impact

$550,595 in grants

for school and summer programs across the state

Michelle, a long-time resident of Athol, shares her story about the challenges she faces to afford healthy food.

I'd feel this big. I'd worked all my life. Had a wonderful job. And now all of a sudden, I gotta go to a food bank to survive.”

Mechelle, Athol, MA

FoodSource Hotline

Maria called us in distress after losing her job. We helped her apply for SNAP and find emergency food to feed her family right away. The relief in her voice at the end of the call was palpable.

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Impact Stat Background

2020 - 21 Impact

63,250 calls

answered from people seeking food assistance

I needed help filling out my SNAP application and you took the time to assist me. You were so patient and I'm so grateful!”

A grandmother in Lowell, FoodSource Hotline

Summer Eats

Healthy meals for the summer

Judy loves getting lunch during summer at the meal site near her home in Framingham. She goes with her little sister every day to fill up and see her favorite cafeteria server. Her mom is glad she's getting healthy meals even when school is out.

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Project Bread Teacher Champions

Addressing Hunger in the Classroom

Teachers know better than anyone else that a hungry student simply can't learn. But one meal is just a quick fix. Instead, Project Bread works to ensure students no longer go hungry both in school and during the summer months.

I'm crying with relief because now I have a resource for my kids when school is out.”

A mother in New Bedford, MA about Summer Eats

Impact Stat Background

Your 2021 impact

93,076,383 free meals

were served to kids during FY21