Policy Priorities

Current Initiatives

  • School Meals for All

    Project Bread is leading the "Feed Kids Campaign" to end childhood hunger, by starting with what happens in schools. By passing legislation for "School Meals for All" in Massachusetts, also known as "Universal School Meals", we can ensure that, while at school, every child is fed and ready to learn.

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  • Lift Kids Out of Poverty

    Increase the amount of cash assistance grants (TAFDC) to families with children living in deep poverty through An Act to Lift Kids Out of Deep Poverty (S.36) and An Act to Reduce Deep Poverty Among Kids (H.102)

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  • COVID-19 Response

    Food security has been devastatingly impacted by COVID-19. We are advocating for widespread policy solutions—at both the state and federal level— to break down barriers to food access through the duration of this crisis and beyond.

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  • End Student Meal Debt

    Address both the root causes of unpaid student meal debt and the adverse impact unpaid meal debt has on children by expanding access to universal school meals for Massachusetts students with An Act to Promote Student Nutrition (S.2664).

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  • Close the SNAP Gap

    Most states have a single eligibility system for Medicare and SNAP, but not Massachusetts. As a result, an estimated 650,000 people who are enrolled in MassHealth are likely eligible for SNAP but not enrolled. We can close this gap by creating a common application for MassHealth and SNAP with An Act Improving Public Health Through a Common Application for Core Food, Health and Safety-net Programs (S.678/H.1173).

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Project Bread advocates for policies that have everyday impacts.

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