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A Holiday Recipe Collection to benefit Project Bread

Thank you for supporting the 2023 Holiday Helping 7NEWS Recipe Collection

Sales have now closed for 2023. Please check back for more information in December 2024.

A holiday tradition we look forward to together year-after-year, The 7NEWS Team is sharing all new favorite family recipes that they serve at their own holiday tables to benefit Project Bread. They are excited to share these dishes with you!  

You’ll get delicious holiday recipes that come from the pages of their own family cookbooks, from main courses and side dishes to delicious desserts. 

The new 2023 Holiday Helping Recipe Collection, features 28 family recipes from the 7NEWS Team and is available for you to enjoy as PDF Download with a $15 donation to Project Bread that helps families in Massachusetts facing hunger this holiday season. 

Did you miss last year's collection? Get the Classics!  The Classics Collection features 15 recipes from the 2022 Holiday Helpings Collection and is available for you to enjoy as a PDF Download with a $10 donation to Project Bread.

The recipe collections are ONLY available as a PDF download for you to print at home. Project Bread does not have the capability to print and mail any hard copies of the recipes.

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What's inside the 2023 New Collection

New Collection

  1. Kim Khazei, Peppermint Patties

  2. Adam Williams, Cheesy & Spicy Mexican Quinoa

  3. Jadiann Thompson, Baked Brie Bites

  4. Ryan Schulteis, Lasagna

  5. Jeremy Reiner, Classic Swiss Cheese Fondue

  6. Morey Hershgordon, Lemon Olive Oil Cake

  7. Amaka Ubaka, Chicken Ramen-Noodle Soup

  8. Brandon Gunnoe, Buckeyes!

  9. Amanda Crawford, Holiday Trifle

  10. Juliana Mazza, Bougatsa

  11. Polikseni Manxhari, Petula

  12. Chris Lambert, Chicken Sausage, Pasta, and Broccoli Rabe

  13.  Keke Vencill, Derby Pie

  14. Rob Way, Bourbon Bacon Chex Mix

  15. Sam Bleiweis, Chanukah Sugar Cookies

  16. Victoria Price, Swedish Pancakes

  17. Melanie Black, Chicken and Dumplings

  18. Josh Wurster, Candy Cane Christmas Cookies

  19. Trey Daerr, Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

  20. Chelsi McDonald, Holiday Tree Cheese Ball

  21. Dave Puglisi, Jalapeño Corn Casserole

  22. Dan Hausle, Holiday Cookies

  23. Samantha Kummerer, Sausage Roll

  24. Kimberly Bookman, Squash Soufflé

  25. Steve Cooper, Banana Bread

  26. Jonathan Hall, Swedish Meatballs & Gravy

  27. Mari Salazar, Tres Leches Cake

  28. Lisa Gresci, Quick and Easy Italian Lasagna

The New Collection features 28 recipes from the 7NEWS team and is available for you to enjoy as a PDF Download with a $15 donation to Project Bread.

What's inside the 2023 Classics Collection

Classics Collection

  1. Kim Khazei, Gingerbread Bars

  2. Adam Williams, Beer Brined Baked Scallops

  3. Ryan Schulteis, Party Pretzels

  4. Jadiann Thompson, Granny's Cornbread and Sage Dressing

  5. Jeremy Reiner, Ultranutty Pecan Bars

  6. Amaka Ubaka, Gumbo and Cornbread

  7. Brandon Gunnoe, Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

  8. Amanda Crawford, Puppy Chow

  9. Juliana Mazza, Homemade Tiramisu

  10. Chris Lambert, Pork Tenderloin with Bacon Onion Jam

  11. Polikseni Manxhari, Classic Pastitsio

  12. Keke Vencill, Derby Pie

  13. Rob Way, Pumpkin Bread

  14. Sam Bleiweis, Latkes

  15. Josh Wurster, Cranberry Cobbler

The Classics Collection features 15 recipes from the 2022 Holiday Helpings Collection and is available for you to enjoy as a PDF Download with a $10 donation to Project Bread.

Need Help?

Sales have now closed for the 2023 Holiday Helping 7NEWS Recipe Collection. Please email info@projectbread.org for assistance if you have any questions for Project Bread in the meantime. Happy Holidays!