7NEWS Holiday Helping

A Holiday Recipe Collection to benefit Project Bread

"Best of Holiday Helpings" 2020 7NEWS Recipe Collection

The 7NEWS Team is sharing the best of their favorite family recipes from over the years to benefit Project Bread. And they would love to share these tasty throwback Classics with you!  

They've selected their very favorite "Holiday Helping" recipe from past collections, from 2008-2019. You’ll get everything from main courses and side dishes and delicious desserts. 

The 2020 "Best of Holiday Helpings" Recipe Collection, features 31 family recipes from the 7NEWS Team and is available for you to enjoy as PDF Download  with a $15 donation to Project Bread that help families in Massachusetts facing hunger this holiday season. 

Please Note

  • The best of the best Holiday Helping Classics! There are no NEW recipes for 2020 featured in this year's receipe collection. Due to the pandemic, the 7NEWS Team is not able to open up their home to film a new recipe, so they have picked their favorite "throwback" holiday receipe from over the years!
  • The recipes are ONLY availble as a PDF download for you to print at home. Project Bread does not have the capability to print and mail any hard copies of the recipes. 
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What's inside the 2020 Collection

Best of Holiday Helpings

  1. Kim Khazei, Persian Stew (2014)
  2. Adam Williams, New Mexican Green Chili Stew (2008)
  3. Ryan Schulteis, Nana's Christmas Morning Strata (2017)
  4. Jadiann Thompson, Grandma's Southern Biscuits & Gravy (2017)
  5. Amaka Ubaka, Pistachio Pound Cake (2018)
  6. Justin Dougherty, Homestyle Chicken & Noodels (2017)
  7. Keke Vencill, Peanut Butter Balls (2018)
  8. Juliana Mazza, Italian Anise Cookies (2019)
  9. Kris Anderson, Anderson's Ooey Gooey Mac & Cheese (2016)
  10. Byron Barnett, Byron's Chicken Wings (2011)
  11. Kimberly Bookman, Festive French Toast (2015)
  12. Justin Bourke, Kadi Khawsa (2019)
  13. Steve Cooper, Cooper's Caramel Brownies (2013)
  14. Kerri Corrado, Jean's Jammin' Stromboli (2017)
  15. John Cuoco, Christmas Eve Scallops (2015)
  16. Alex DiPrato, Pumpkin Pie (2018)
  17. Brandon Gunnoe, Wild Rice & Chicken Casserole, (2012)
  18. Jonathan Hall, Brussels Sprouts with Maple & Walnut Vinaigrette (2016)
  19. Dan Hausle, Three-Meat Meatloaf with Sweet Potato Fries (2016)
  20. Eric Kane, Candy Cane Cookies (2017)
  21. Hank Phillippi Ryan, Hank's Worth-The-Effort Turkey Tetrazzini (2008) 
  22. Sam Smink, Applesauce Cake (2019)
  23. Michael Yoshida, Tuna Cakes (2019)
  24. Jeremy Reiner, Apple Dumplings (2015)
  25. Chris Lambert, Rib Roast (2018)
  26. Jackie Layer, Corn Custard (2019)
  27. Josh Wurster, Garlic Parmesan Pull Apart Bread (2019)
  28. Jaisol Martinez, Sopapillas (2018)
  29. Joe Amorosino, Stuffed Squid & Linguine (2012)
  30. Trey Daerr, White Chocolate Hors D'oeuvres (2015)
  31. Chelsi McDonald, Dad's Green Bean Cssserole (2017)

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