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Healthy School Meals Matter

What school supply do many kids do without?

A lunch box! Why? Because they don't bring lunch from home. 

Every day in Massachusetts, an average of 490,000 kids—half of all public school students—eat the lunch served to them in their school's cafeteria. The quality of those meals can vary dramatically.

That's because not all schools have kitchens. In fact, some schools don't even cook their lunch—they reheat pre-packaged frozen meals delivered from outside vendors. Amherst Regional Public Schools was one of these districts; they began outsourcing their lunch program in 2004. But guess what?

This year Amherst is taking back their food service — and they've teamed up with Project Bread to help them do it!

"It’s really exciting to see Amherst taking ownership over their food service program—that's rare for a district to do. About 30% of their students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch; serving nutritious and freshly prepared meals again will be a great benefit to them,” says Guy Koppe, Director of Chefs in Schools® at Project Bread.

This year, Project Bread's Chef Sam will spend about 10 weeks in each Amherst public school, training the kitchen staff on culinary, presentation, and marketing skills to help the district prepare and promote nutritious, kid-friendly, USDA-approved foods. But we need your help.


In addition to Amherst, your gift will also support our Chefs in Schools work in Boston and Greenfield this year.

Help us take hunger out of the equation of learning for Massachusetts students.

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