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Fundraising Resources




Fundraising Tips

We are dedicated to helping you reach your fundraising goal! In addition to fundraising tips and resources found on this page, our success coaches are only a phone call or email away if you need any assistance or materials. 

Update your Walk Center

  • Your best fundraising tool is your own story about why you are walking! Write a note about why you're walking and why this cause is important to you. You can access your individual fundraising page by logging in to your Walk Center. Be sure to customize your URL link by clicking on the "Personal Page" tab. Once you have done that, it's time to start sharing your page and asking for contributions.

Asking for donations

  • Start off with quick asks through email and Facebook (or other social media). Make a list of all of your potential donors and have "ask days" where you share about the important work the Walk for Hunger supports and your involvement this year. Remember to always include a link to your fundraising page so your donors can easily make a donation to support you. 
  • Ask often! On average, it takes six reminders for someone to take action. Often your friends and family intend to donate, but simply forget in their busy schedules!
  • Take advantage of the fundraising resources in your Walk Center as well as below. You will find sample email templates, sample social media posts, business card templates, and much more. 
  • Take advantage of the Walk for Hunger apps! Our Facebook app will easily post statuses and the link to your fundraising page on your Facebook page. Also, our mobile app is like a portal to your Walk Center right on your phone. Stay up-to-date on your fundraising progress and easily send donation asks through text and email. 
  • Be proud of your involvement with the Walk! One in ten households in Massachusetts is food insecure, and you are taking action to protect the people who live in this state against hunger. Take a look at the 2016 Grant Recipients who received funding through money raised through last year's Walk for Hunger. If there are programs in your own town, highlight them in your fundraising efforts. If not, the money you are raising still supports more than 300 hunger relief programs that protect people from hunger and strengthen our local food systems and is critical to ending hunger in Massachusetts.

Sample Facebook Posts

  • I believe that good food is a basic right! That is why I am participating in the 49th annual Walk for Hunger on May 7th. The Walk for Hunger is a 20-mile Walk which raises awareness and funds to support hundreds of critical programs around Massachusetts that alleviate hunger and build stronger local food systems.  Help me reach my fundraising goal, support my Walk by making a donation to my page [link to your fundraising page]
  • There are nearly 675,000 people in Massachusetts who can’t reliably predict where their next meal is coming from. That is why I am joining the Walk for Hunger on May 7th, a 20-mile Massachusetts tradition of neighbors helping neighbors. Please consider making a donation to my fundraising page, no amount is too small! All donations directly support hundreds of programs around the state that ensure everyone, regardless of income, can access nutritious food throughout the year.  [link to your fundraising page]
  • On May 7th, I am walking in the 49th annual Walk for Hunger & 5K Run with my team! Help us reach our fundraising goal by making a donation to our page [link to your team page (or your own fundraising page)]. All funds raised through the Walk support hundreds of programs around the state that ensure everyone has access to nutritious food, a basic human right! Consider joining our team as a walker or a runner! Visit click “Join a Team” and search for our team name, [insert team name], or let me know if you are interested!
Prefer to fundraise offline? Download and print out a Pledge Sheet to keep track of your donations and fundraising progress. 

Sending in donations

    • Many Walkers prefer to send in donations as they continue to fundraise. Print out these Tally Cards, and be sure to include one with the envelope containing any checks and cash you are mailing in to Project Bread so we can correctly credit them to you.

    • If any of your donors prefer to write a check, they can make it payable to the "Walk for Hunger." You can mail checks directly to our office or bring them with you to a Check-in Tent on Walk Day. Don't forget to include your name (for a donation to you) or your team name (if the donation is to your team) in the memo line so we can correctly credit the donation. 
    Mail checks to:
    Project Bread
    145 Border Street
    East Boston, MA 02128