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Meet Your Coaches

Meet Keyton

Position: Heart & Sole Success Coach

Fundraising Tip: Don't forget to have fun and be goofy! Fundraisers don't always have to be stiff. Fun and humor are a great way to connect with people and raise money, so let your personality shine through when asking your friends and family to support your Walk.

Why I Coach: I have the amazing opportunity to speak with and get to know the dedicated Heart & Sole Walkers, both current and new in 2017! I'm looking forward to learning what the Walk for Hunger means to each of them as everyone is driven to make a difference and participate for incredible and unique reasons.

Keyton's Fun Fact:  I climbed the Altun Ha Mayan ruins in Belize!

Contact: or 617-239-2516

Meet Kristen

Position: Heart & Sole Success Coach

Fundraising Tip: Ask with a smile! The hardest part of fundraising is getting up the courage to ask, but you'll find that most are willing to help however you can, even people who you least expected. Many of our Heart & Sole Walkers will even ask local buisness in their communities to donate to their Walk, or put out a collection at the register for you to collect before the Walk.

Why I Coach: I am so excited to have a role in such a historic and community-driven event! I love that the Walk means something different to everyone, and I look forward to hearing everyone's story.

Kristen's Fun Fact:  My previous job required me to dress up in a monkey mascot suit. 

Contact: or 617-239-2524

Meet Erin

Position: Success Coach

Fundraising Tip: Think about the things that you like to do for fun and incorporate them into your fundraising. Do you like parties? Throw a party with all your friends and have them pay $5 or $10 dollars to get in. Do you like the gym? Create a team from people in your fitness class or talk to your instructor to start a gym team and have them share it with students during classes. If you like being outside, offer to help your neighbors to shovel their sidewalks or mow their lawn in exchange for a donation. If you are musical, perform at an open mic night and say you're taking donations for the Walk. Get creative and make it fun! 

Why I Coach: I love the way the Walk brings people from all over Massachusetts together around a common goal of ending hunger. Community is such a powerful tool to impact change.

Erin's Fun Fact:  I took up tap dancing lessons in high school and I still enjoy tapping my way around the grocery store.

Contact: or 617-239-2572

Meet Dan

Position: Success Coach

Fundraising Tip: Every little bit helps! You do not have to be raising thousands of dollars to make an impact. If everyone that participated in the Walk committed to fundraising, even if it was just a few dollars, it would really add up and be able to make a big impact in communities around Massachusetts.

Why I Coach: Not everyone realizes that 1 in 10 households in Massachusetts are food insecure and that hunger is a real issue in our state. The Walk has been raising awareness about the local issue for nearly 50 years, and I'm proud to be a part of the community that supports solutions to ending hunger.

Dan's Fun Fact:  I love seeing live music. Going to concerts and music festivals are my favorite things in the world to do. I already have tickets to see Dead and Company at Fenway Park this summer; that's something I'm looking forward to after the Walk is over.

Contact: or 617-239-2515

Meet Jeremy

Position: Success Coach

Fundraising Tip: Put the FUN in FUNdraising! You're not asking people for money–you're giving them the opportunity to do something great for the community and to support you in your efforts to make a difference by taking action against the issue of hunger. 

Why I Coach: The Walk for Hunger is unique in not only focusing on hunger, but approaching it from a wide-angle viewpoint. I'm proud to stand by the motto Project Bread's motto "The opposite of hungry isn't full–it's healthy."

Jeremy's Fun Fact:  The first memory I have as a kid is running after an ice cream truck when I was five. I continue to love ice cream to this day. 

Contact: or 617-239-2571