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Become a Team Captain

You are Captain material!

The Walk for Hunger has always been about building stronger communities. It has always exemplified the power of a lot of people coming together to make a big difference. As a Team Captain, you are essential to helping us grow our community of support so that the Walk for Hunger can continue to support local programs in communities around the state that support the nearly 655,000 people who struggle with hunger in Massachusetts.

If you are enthusiastic and dedicated to making a difference, we are sure that your friends and family will want to join you in helping end hunger in our state.

Register as a Team Captain

The first step as a team captain is to Register for the Walk by selecting "Form a Team". In order to create your team you will need to set a team fundraising goal and also pick a team name, but don't worry, we can always help you change them in the future.

As the Team Captain, you will have access to both your individual fundraising Walk Center as well as your Team's Page. To manage your team page, click on the "Team" tab in your Walk Center to shorten and share the team fundraising page URL Link.

Need help? Give us a call at 617-723-5000

Recruit teammates

  • Let everyone know you're walking or running! Post about the Walk & 5K Run on social media, send an email, or talk to your group and encourage everyone to join you in your mission to end hunger. 
  • If you work at a company, speak to your human resources department, the Walk for Hunger is the perfect way for companies to give back together. 
  • Your walk team can have 5K runners on it, and your 5K run team can have walkers on it! You can send out your team URL link to all interested team members. Once they are on your team's page, they click the "Join Team" button toward the right-hand side. If they go to the mail page to register, just be sure to tell your new team teammates to not "Register" but to "Join a Team" and search for your team name. 
    • If someone accidently "Registers" we are happy to help move them on to your existing team, just call one of your coaches at 617-723-5000.

Start your fundraising

When setting your team's fundraising goal, don't be afraid to aim high! Every dollar counts because the money raised at the Walk supports hundreds of community food programs, childhood nutrition initiatives, and programs that expand access to healthy locally grown produce and nutritious food in low-income communities around the state. The more we raise as a group, the more we can invest in programs that will alleviate hunger in Massachusetts. We suggest you multiply $100 times the number of teammates on your team. Keep in mind that $100 could supply a week's worth of groceries to five families!

  • Every member of your team has the ability to raise money. They will have access to their very own Walk Center (fundraising page), as well as your team fundraising page to keep track of who has joined and how the team is doing toward reaching their goal.
  • Everybody on a team has a unique talent, and many of them can be leveraged into a very fun fundraiser event! Talk to one another about what you are good at that could be a potential creative way to fundraise as a team. (car wash, happy hour, bingo night, bake sale, yard sale, a movie night, dinner party, karaoke sing-off, a raffle where ticket proceeds benefit your Walk, etc). Be creative and put each team member in charge of an aspect of the event.
  • Your best fundraising tool is your own story for why you are Walking! Everyone on your team should make a list of all the potential donors they know. Then hold several "donation ask days" when each team member emails or posts on social media about the important work the Walk for Hunger supports, and your team's involvement and goals this year. You'll find sample email templates in your Walk Center to get you started. Follow and share our fundraising tips with your team.
  • Every registered team member will have access to their own individual Walk Center (fundraising page), but the team members can also share the team fundraising page for donors to donate to the whole team. Keep in mind that donations that are made to the individual page will appear on the team page, but donations to the team page will only appear on the team page. Donations to the team do not count toward an individual's fundraising toward reaching Heart & Sole.

Send out a periodic team newsletter

  • Keep your teammates up to date with a Walk Team newsletter or email every month–or better yet, every week. Provide fundraising tips and team member spotlights to ensure everyone stays motivated and excited to contribute. Don't forget to let them know about your team's meeting location and plans on Walk Day, too!