School Breakfast

Serving breakfast after the bell can increase participation by up to 85%!

Increasing participation in the federal school breakfast program

A student's day starts with breakfast

Children learn best when they start their day with breakfast. But right now, only half of all students who need school breakfast (low-income students who rely on free school lunch) are receiving it. When kids consistently start their school day with a nutritious meal, they have significantly less absences, improved grades, are half as likely to repeat a grade, and ultimately have better chances of graduating from high school. School breakfast is the first step to giving low-income children an equal chance to thrive.

Project Bread is taking hunger out of the equation by working with schools across the state to improve or start a school breakfast program. Our goal is for every student in Massachusetts to start their day with a healthy meal and reach their full potential. For many students, that chance starts with school breakfast.

Our Approach

For more than twenty years, Project Bread has teamed up with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education through our Child Nutrition Outreach Program to work hand-in-hand with schools across the state to serve up their best breakfast program for their students.

Impact of our work: 2019

For communities seeking to expand their school breakfast program, resource are availble at