School Breakfast

Studies show that children who eat a good breakfast every day learn better.

We work with school districts and partners across Massachusetts to ensure that every child starts the day with a healthy breakfast.

Providing children with a healthy start to the day has benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. Children who eat breakfast are more likely to arrive on time to school, retain what they learn, behave better, and experience better health outcomes. For children living in food insecure homes, eating a healthy breakfast at home is often not possible. The National School Breakfast Program (NSBP) is a federally-funded program that helps bridge this gap for families, providing nutritious meals at low or no cost to low-income students at schools throughout the country.

Since 1994, Project Bread's Child Nutrition Outreach Program (CNOP) has worked with districts to increase participation in the School Breakfast Program in Massachusetts. CNOP provides technical assistance and innovative solutions to support schools to implement and expand breakfast programs. Through this work alongside school districts and other partners across the state, we strive to ensure that all children start the school day nourished and ready to learn. 

For communities seeking to expand their school breakfast program, resource are availble at