Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)

It's HIP to be healthy!

Since 2016, Project Bread has been a core partner in launching the new SNAP Healthy Incentives Program in Massachusetts.

In 2017, Project Bread has partnered with the Department of Transitional Assistance, the Department of Agricultural Resources, and the Department of Public Health, to launch the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP). Funding for this program is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Grant Program. 

What is the Healthy Incentives Program?

Spend your SNAP dollars on farm-fresh fruits and vegetables at participating HIP retailers and have the amount of your purchase instantly added back to your EBT card!

HIP is an incentive program designed to improve affordability and access to locally grown fruits and vegetables for SNAP participants. The program provides low-income families and individuals with the opportunity to benefit from farmers’ markets and other agricultural points of access, by increasing the amount of SNAP benefits available for clients to spend at these locations. By encouraging the purchase and consumption of locally grown fruits and vegetables, this sustainable, statewide, incentive program, promotes healthy eating, while also supporting the local economy.

What is Project Bread's role in HIP?

Program Goals

How the Incentive Works

HIP builds on the success of the Pilot, providing a 100% incentive benefit for each SNAP dollar spent on targeted fruits and vegetables purchased at farmers’ markets, farm stands, mobile markets, and Community Supported Agriculture programs statewide. The incentive is added directly to the SNAP recipients’ EBT card and can be spent on any future SNAP eligible purchase. Information regarding the account balance can be found on the accompanying receipt, enabling consumers to easily track their HIP benefit. The maximum monthly incentive awarded is based on household size, i.e. 1-2 member households will be capped at $40, 3-5 member households at $60, and households with 6 or more members at $80. 

Find a HIP Location Near You

Visit for a directory, or call Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline at 1-800-645-8333, or look for the HIP logo.