Health Center Partners

Our healthcare professional partners at Cambridge Health Alliance: Lisa Brukilacchio, director of Somerville Community Health Agenda, Dr. Amy Smith, and Nawang Tsomo

Project Bread partners with health centers around the state as a means of protecting children from hunger and its effects.

Families feel safe and respected when they ask for help at a health center. They can discuss their struggles to make ends meet and their deep concerns about being able to feed their children well and keep them healthy. Project Bread supports clinicians in 28 health centers statewide to identify people in need, raise awareness about the FoodSource Hotline, provide food vouchers, and connect people to Project Bread’s two full-time SNAP outreach coordinators for application assistance. An astounding 11% of families in Massachusetts’ health centers screened positive for severe food insecurity.

In 2017, our partnered healthcare professionals prescribed 1,920 emergency food vouchers to patients that screened as food-insecure and referred them to Project Bread to enroll in SNAP. Through these referrals, we leveraged $1.4 million in SNAP benefits for their patients. 

For information on how hospitals can help those in need, download the "Hunger in the Community: Ways Hospitals Can Help" hospital handbook.