FoodSource Hotline

Our Hotline counselors connect callers to emergency food resources in their area.

A hunger helpline for all of Massachusetts

A hunger helpline for all of Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, more than 700,000 residents are food-insecure. Adults, children, people with disabilities, elders, immigrants, and even college students— food insecurity impacts residents of all ages and backgrounds.

For many, getting the help they need can be a challenge: lack of transportation, language barriers, physical mobility limitations, fear of stigma, or simply not knowing where to turn. Project Bread’s FoodSource Hotline gives Massachusetts residents a “one-stop shop” for finding comprehensive aid in over 180 languages. With no need to leave the house and confidential support, hunger help is always just a phone call away.

Our Approach

Project Bread’s FoodSource Hotline is the only comprehensive helpline for residents anywhere in Massachusetts needing food assistance:

Impact of our work: 2017

*Residents everywhere in Massachusetts are experiencing food-insecurity 

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