COVID-19 Response

Your support enables our rapid response and has widespread impact to combat hunger due to COVID-19.

Food-insecurity in MA has skyrocketed in MA due to COVID-19 for those most at-risk. 

Individuals and families across the state are feeling the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 crisis as they face challenges such as lost wages, school closures or an inability to stock up on necessary food during the stay-at-home advisory. Before this crisis, far too many of our neighbors in Massachusetts were facing food insecurity – 1 in 11 households and 1 in 10 children. As we confront this public health emergency with its record unemployment, the problem is growing exponentially. In June alone, approximately 1 in 6Massachusetts residents report experiencing food insecurity.

Here is what Project Bread is advocating for:

Federal Policy Recommendations 

1. Strengthen the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

2. Maintain and strengthen child nutrition programs

3. Provide direct cash assistance

4. Remove barriers to assistance for immigrant populations

State Policy Recommendations 

1. Ensuring families and communities are accessing federal nutrition programs

2. Provide direct cash assistance

3. Prioritize equity in coronavirus response

4. Ensure maximum utilization of federal nutrition programs

Though not a legislative action, we need the help of elected officials at all levels to ensure that every eligible person in Massachusetts is enrolled in the federal nutrition programs they need to put food on the table during this time of acute crisis and in the difficult weeks and months to follow. As leaders in their communities, legislators can help by educating their constituents about the options available and directing them to Project Bread’s FoodSource Hotline at 800-645-8333.