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March 20, 2017
Plant a garden. Grow a neighborhood

At Project Bread, we believe good food can grow anywhere—even just up the street! We're proud to fund community gardens and urban agriculture projects across the state that feed families and grow thriving neighborhoods. Your Walk makes this possible. 

When you transform an abandoned lot into a community garden, you bring a renewed sense of purpose to a neighborhood.

First, a new green space infuses color and life into an urban environment. Then it becomes a place for people to connect with one another, to enjoy nature, and to begin to learn about both the environment and the importance of access to healthy food. Relationships begin to deepen and the community begins to grow stronger, and it is through this-building community- that a town becomes a neighborhood.

Driven by a larger vision to create a better food system in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan, the Urban Farming Institute (UFI) is transforming these neighborhoods with green growing power-and it's just one of the 25 farm and garden programs supported by the Walk for Hunger each year. The food grown at UFI is sold at affordable prices to food-insecure residents of the neighborhood, and the 800 youth and neighborhood residents who regularly volunteer on the farms all take home fresh produce to their families.

These community gardens are extraordinary agents of change. They transform urban environments into living classrooms that bring people together, they build self-sufficiency and strengthen local food systems, they provide skills and professional development for community members, and they engage youth in social responsibility-all while beautifying public spaces.

At Project Bread, we're proud to pioneer programs and fund local gardens and urban agriculture projects like UFI that feed families and bring people together.


Your Walk makes this possible. 

Complete list of programs supported by the Walk for Hunger

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