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March 16, 2017
Good food for all—like anything worth having, we are willing to work for it

Join Ellen Parker, executive director of Project Bread at the 49th Walk for Hunger and 5K Run on Sunday May 7, 2017 to affirm our values and the power of community in defending good food as a basic right. The money raised through the Walk directly funds more than 300 programs across the state that ensure everyone as access to nutritious food in their communities. 

Good food is a basic right. Not just a privilege for some, but a right for all.

For almost fifty years, our Walk community has shown up in full force—by the tens of thousands—on the first Sunday in May to make that simple statement. The Walk for Hunger is an annual affirmation of our interdependence: we know that, as a community, we are diminished when some people are fed and others go hungry. 

Good food is a basic right—and like everything worth having, we are willing to work for it.  One way we work toward this right is we speak up.

Hunger isn’t always visible.  It is often obscured by shame and stigma. But we make it our work to listen closely to the personal stories that hungry people tell, and to explore solutions until we find the ones that work for them. We speak up about hunger because it can only be solved in the light… not in the shadows.

We walk so every child in Massachusetts has the chance to grow up to reach their full potential. When children eat good food in childhood, it’s a strong predictor of their adult health—but the reverse is also true.  When we acknowledge that good food is a basic right for every child, we make a no-risk investment in our future. 

It’s a lifesaving, world-changing idea: good food is a basic right.  I call upon you to register today and join me on May 7, 2017, and to affirm our values and the power of our community at the 49th Walk for Hunger. 

I send you my love and best wishes as you prepare to walk!

Executive Director, Project Bread

Join Ellen on May 7th and register for the 49th Walk for Hunger & 5K Run and donate to help end hunger in Massachusetts

Author(s): Ellen Parker

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