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Why We Walk: Alex's Story

"Between, school, work, and taking care of my mom, I can't keep up."

Your Walk for Hunger fundraising makes a difference.

It was 3:00am when Alex's phone rang. Still half-asleep, he reached over and answered groggily: "Hello?" It was the hospital. His mother had suffered a stroke.

Alex was already taking a full class load at UMass Lowell and working part-time to help his mom support the family. Now, his mother would need full-time attention, and they couldn't afford an aide. At 19 years old, Alex was going to have to take care of her.

"I'm exhausted. I'm overwhelmed," Alex told Project Bread. "My mom can't work, and I had to cut my own hours in order to take care of her. We can't afford food."

This is why we walk. Money raised by participants in Project Bread's Walk for Hunger provides support to the Open Pantry of Greater Lowelzl and Central Food Ministry, two places Alex can go for help feeding his family.

Both of these programs—along with hundreds of others across the state—receive funding from Project Bread's Walk for Hunger.

With every $50 you raise, you're providing 7 families like Alex's with a week's supply of groceries at a local food pantry. This year, will you join the 50th Celebration of the Walk? 

We need you on May 6.

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