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Dina takes on the Endurance Challenge, runs the 5K and walks all 20 miles
Fundraising challenge winner Feb 2018 Dina

2018 will be my: 15th Walk for Hunger

2018 will be Dina Sudduth's 15th Walk for Hunger, and this year she's taking on the Endurance Challenge—running the 5K and walking all 20 miles! Dina first did the Walk in 2004 to fulfill her high school community service hours, but it quickly became more than that—a yearly tradition of fundraising to help hungry families in Massachusetts.

How did you first get involved in the Walk?

I started walking in high school to fulfill my community service requirements and it's been a beloved yearly tradition ever since!

Why do you Walk? Why is the issue of hunger in Massachusetts important to you?

I walk for my neighbors. I walk for my community. The issue of hunger is important in Massachusetts because not only do people face food insecurity, they also lack proper nutrition. Many families cannot afford to keep fresh fruits and vegetables in their homes, and not getting proper nutrition causes other health concerns as well. Project Bread has been an amazing advocate to help the residents of Massachusetts obtain the food they need and deserve.

Who do you walk with? 

In high school, I used to walk with my friends. Now it's just my husband and me spending quality time together and helping the community.

What do you like about the Walk?

Besides being a tradition, I really love the unity it brings and the great people you meet along the journey.

Why is it important for other people to Walk and fundraise?

Not only is it a social responsibility to help the community, but the more feet we have walking and raising money, the more people are getting healthy and fed!

What are you looking forward to at the 50th Walk?

This year I am challenging myself to run the 5K Run and then complete all 20 miles. I look forward to a good challenge!

Any Walk stories, memories, or anything else you'd like to share?

I've seen so many great participants over the years and it never ceases to amaze me. From soldiers in full gear and rucksacks to people with disabilities, the heartwarming outpouring of the community is one of richest experiences to be a part of.

Thanks, Dina, for making hunger history. See you at the 50th on May 6!

Why do YOU walk? Send your story and your favorite photo of you at the Walk to

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