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Georgetown graduate leads fellow alumns as Captain of Team Hoyas Against Hunger
Spotlight image_Stephen Peacock

Team Captain: Hoyas Against Hunger

2018 will be my: 12th Walk for Hunger

Stephen has been walking with his family since 2007. Last year, he organized a group of fellow Georgetown alumni to join him, and their team Hoyas Against Hunger collectively raised nearly $7,500 to help hungry people in Massachusetts. This year, Stephen and the Hoyas are aiming even higher. 

When was your first Walk for Hunger?

I started walking with my young family over a decade ago. Every year, we look forward to the spring thaw and preparing for the Walk for Hunger. My kids and I have such great memories from our Walks over the years. And, more importantly, we feel great about helping to provide much-needed assistance to our sisters and brothers, young and old, of every nationality, race, creed, sexual orientation and gender. 

How did you first get involved in the Walk?

The old fashioned way. I noticed an advertisement on my way to work and the rest is history.

Why do you walk? Why is the Walk important to you?

I am extremely concerned about global and local income inequality, which all too often results in an unending cycle of poverty. The fact that we have chronically hungry children in one of the most prosperous states in one of the most prosperous countries is an affront to decency everywhere. I believe that Project Bread gives us all an opportunity to say loudly, both with our wallets and with our feet, that we are not ok with the silent suffering in our communities. And that we can make a difference. 

Why was it important for you to get others involved in the Walk, specifically Georgetown alumni? 

Georgetown is a special place. I didn't realize how special until well after I had left. Georgetown embodies the idea that we have a duty and a responsibility to make the world a better place. To right the wrongs. And to use the talents we have been given, the privileges that we enjoy and the resources at our disposal for the greater good. I have never forgotten a particularly relevant lesson I learned from a passionate and devoted professor about opening our hearts and our cupboards to alleviate poverty. He told an alternative version of a popular biblical story about Jesus miraculously showering food upon his hungry followers. In this version, the miracle was not mystical or otherworldly, it was about compassion. It was about those that had plenty opening their hearts and satchels to feed not just themselves, but also family, friends and strangers alike. 

I believe such miracles happen every day.  Including the first Sunday of every May, thanks to Project Bread, scores of volunteers, and thousands of walkers.  

What is your team's fundraising goal this year?

We set an ambitious goal of $10,000 for Hoyas Against Hunger. Last year, we were among the top teams for much of the spring. This year, I would like to see our team finish in the top 10. And I am confident we can do it.

Why is it important for others to Walk and fundraise? 

More fundraisers means more money for the great programs supported by Project Bread. More Walkers means more visibility for such an amazing event.

Any favorite Walk stories, memories, or anything else you'd like to share? 

It is very special to look back at the many years that we have participated together in this wonderfully uplifting event. At the conclusion of the Walk, we break bread together at cafe, enjoying the remainder of Walk Day in majestic downtown Boston.

Thanks, Stephen, for making hunger history. See you at the 50th on May 6!

Why do YOU walk? Send your story and your favorite photo of you at the Walk to

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