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Spotlight On: Stephanie Hauptman
Stephanie Hauptman

Last spring, Stephanie learned about Project Bread's Healthy Share CSA program through her son’s Head Start program. Each week during the growing season, Farmer Dave from Dracut delivers multiple boxes of fresh vegetables to her community health center. When Stephanie found out she could use her SNAP benefits to purchase a box of produce at a subsidized rate-supported by Project Bread, she was excited she would be able to incorporate new healthy produce into her family's meals.

At first, Stephanie had no idea what some of the vegetables were, or how to cook and prepare them. The staff at the health center helped her figure out what each vegetable was, and shared recipes that included what was in her CSA box. She committed herself to learning how to cook with a whole range of new vegetables and developed a healthier lifestyle. As a result, Stephanie lost 85 pounds over the course of the year. But as she says, “It wasn’t about losing weight…it’s about being healthy. My kids are healthy and energetic, and they don’t get tired quickly or have health problems anymore.”

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