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Congregation Beth Elohim's youngest members raise money with this "home-grown" fundraiser
Soup Story 1

Congregation Beth Elohim of Acton has long supported the mission of the Walk for Hunger—and for seven years now, they've been helping their youngest members connect to that mission in a very special way.

The Mitzvah Garden project was created as a way to help children explore their connection with nature, to more deeply explore their faith, and to take part in the mission of Project Bread and the Walk for Hunger. The four raised garden beds maintained by fourth graders and their families were inspired by a passage in the Torah that urges farmers to leave the edges of their field during harvest to be gathered by those in need.

While planting and caring for the garden, kids are taught about the importance of a healthy diet to our well-being, and about Project Bread's goal of fostering a sustainable, healthy food supply to end hunger.

After the harvest, the kids roll up their sleeves in the kitchen to make delicious vegetable soup to sell to the congregation. All proceeds are donated to Project Bread and used to help fund the hundreds of hunger relief programs across the state supported by the Walk for Hunger.

Important lessons learned, support for people in need, AND delicious, healthy soup? The Mitzvah Garden is definitely a successful recipe for everyone involved.

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