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Spotlight On: Chris Wayland
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Q & A with Chris Wayland
Vice President and General Manager of 7NBC- CW56

Thanks for talking with us, Chris! Can you tell us a bit about the role you want 7NEWS to have in the local community?
As a local news station, we’re not just in the business of reporting the news.  Our goal is to be a contributing member of the community, as well. That’s why we support organizations we feel are making a positive impact around us.

7NEWS has been a strong supporter of Project Bread for many years.  Why do you embrace the work Project Bread does?
Every day we hear stories about families struggling, especially in today’s economy. The opportunity to partner with an organization that is helping to alleviate hunger gives us confidence that we’re making a difference.  Whether it’s the springtime Walk for Hunger, or our year-end 7News Holiday Helping campaign, we can be part of the solution—rather than just reporting about the problem. 

None of this would be possible for us without the tireless work done by Joan McCready, our Director of Programming and Community Services. Joan makes connections and builds relationships on behalf of our company to make all of our community endeavors possible, and we are so lucky to have her as our company’s ambassador.

What is it about the Walk that makes 7NEWS excited to be a part of it? You’ve been there for 28 years now!
The fact that Project Bread works with people who are hungry right here in Massachusetts is a big part of the reason we are so invested.  It’s truly an event of “neighbors helping neighbors,” right here in our own backyard.  And over the years, the Walk has consistently been a well-organized, fun event.  

The theme of the 2014 Walk is This is My Walk. Is there a personal element to the Walk for 7NEWS and its staff?
Because this is our 28th year working with Project Bread, people really do identify 7News closely with the Walk for Hunger—and not just during the event itself.    

Our meteorologists visit schools throughout the year to teach science classes about weather forecasting.  On more than one occasion, schools have made donations to Project Bread as a “thank you” to the station, because they know that it is a cause near and dear to our hearts.   That’s the real personal element of this partnership for 7News.

What are some of the best experiences you have had over the years?  Any memorable moments or interesting stories?
One story that comes to mind happened the day my daughters and I attended our first Walk for Hunger. We had the unique opportunity to meet Former Mayor Tom Menino in the welcoming tent. He actually helped my daughters spread cream cheese on their bagels! It struck me in that moment that The Walk for Hunger is all about people helping one another. And, to this day, my daughters have referred to him as “The Bagel Guy!”

Your on-air talent have been a fantastic support for the Walk through the years.  What makes them want to be involved?
The Walk provides a unique opportunity for our 7News staff to meet viewers one-on-one.   Every day our reporters and anchors appear on screens in people’s homes, but they are able to develop a much more personal connection with our viewers when we meet and greet the Walkers! 

What is 7News looking forward to bringing to this year’s walk?
We’ll be out in force: you’ll see us handing out 7News giveaways, cheering on walkers, and reporting live from the event during 7News Today in New England. We’ll be sure to tell our audience watching at home that it’s not too late to be part of a great day in the city, and to support the good work of Project Bread. As always, we’re honored just to be a part of it.

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