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Spotlight On: Chef Nick Speros
Nick Speros

Chef Nick is one of Project Bread’s three chefs working to improve the quality of school food.

Working as a School Food Chef for Project Bread, Chef Nick is adding new colors and flavors to the student lunch trays in five elementary and middle schools with dishes such as red cabbage and apple slaw, sautéed kale with ginger and soy sauce, Hawaiian chicken, and homemade salsa. To expand the Chefs in Schools program beyond the cafeteria, Chef Nick also teaches a Cooking Matters class to 16 parents of Arlington Middle School students. The class teaches healthy cooking on a budget.

“I have heard a few times from participants that they have changed their lifestyles and food culture,” says Chef Nick. “This, to me, is amazing for the fact that these little grassroots classes can have such great impact on people. Needless to say, I’m proud to be involved.”

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