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Spotlight On: Brendan Ryan
Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan is a chef with a nutrition research background who became the Food Service Director for Framingham Public Schools. In addition to being the Food Service Director for a well-organized school district, Brendan Ryan has also started a garden at Framingham High School where they grow fresh vegetables.

In 2012, the garden produced about 1,400 gallons of tomato sauce and 800 pounds of Brussels sprouts that were used in all the schools. The garden is located where all the kids can look out their windows and see it. The students equate what they are eating in the cafeteria with a fresh product because of the garden.

“The most rewarding part of my job is putting food out that the kids will want to eat, which is always a hurdle. You’re talking about some of the most discerning palates that there are, because most kids eat with their eyes,” says Brendan. “We are doing as much from scratch as we possibly can—we make our own meatballs, we make our own pizza, etc. The more we can make in-house, the less I am buying processed foods that are more expensive, too.”

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