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Legally blind walker, Alyce, inspires everyone she passes along the route
Alyce L

A letter from a Heart & Sole Walker

March 24, 2016

My name is Alyce Souden Lanoue, and this will be my 38th Walk for Hunger, mostly as a Heart and Sole Walker.  My first Walk was in 1970, the second ever Walk for Hunger. For the next several years, I walked regularly with my sister, Jean, or sometimes with my brother-in-law, Ron.  Eventually I started walking with my husband, Ron, and my children, Mike and Kristen, while carrying or pushing a stroller.  They are both in their twenties now, but clearly remember walking with groups or with their friends from the Paulist Center in Boston.

Over the years, I missed about ten Walks due to not being able to get the weekend off (I am a nurse). Once, I could not attend the Walk because, at the time, I was serving as a labor coach for a friend!  If one of us had to stay home with a sick kid, my husband generally did, so that I could walk. I also had serious eye problems in 2005 and 2006, and am now legally blind.  My walking is a little different now since I cannot walk as quickly as I once did (we now walk for hours to complete the whole Walk). I have to really pay attention to where I am walking. 

This will be my eighth Walk as a legally blind person. I wear a sign saying that I am visually-impaired and that this is my “X walk,” just in case I run into somebody by mistake. I often hear people walking behind me say, “if she can do it, so can I,” and that makes me very happy. 

I would not be able to do the Walk without the support of my husband, Ron, who tells me where the puddles, holes in the road, and curbs are!  I find the white bicycle lanes very helpful to keep myself in a relatively straight line.

We walk because we cannot imagine not being able to feed our kids, and we think about all the people who have to make very hard choices about food every single day.  Our sore feet and a few blisters cannot compare to their pain.

As for fundraising, I would have to say that we are lucky. Many of the same people have supported us year after year, allowing us to raise thousands of dollars to help fight hunger.  We could not do it without them, and we never forget that.

We are looking forward to our Walk this year, even though we wish we had more opportunities to train, but…… wish us luck!



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