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The Community Harvest Project doesn't only receive funds raised by the Walk, they've got a team out there!
Community Harvest Project volunteers

Community Harvest Project (CHP) in Grafton is one of 26 farm and garden programs that received money raised by this year's Walk for Hunger participants.

With the mission to build healthy communities through volunteer farming and nutrition education, Community Harvest Project grows fresh fruits and vegetables that are donated to local hunger-relief organizations.

Each year, CHP farms hundreds of thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables to provide free, nutritious food for individuals and families in need - mainly in Worcester County, where 10% of residents are food-insecure. CHP operates a Volunteer Farming Program, which engages volunteers each season to plant, tend, and harvest crops. They also run nutrition education programs to teach healthy eating habits to children and leadership programs to create community ambassadors for hunger.

CHP donates the majority of their produce to the Worcester County Food Bank, which then distributes the food out to their network of 120 hunger-relief organizations. Other produce is distributed to Community Servings, Loaves & Fishes, Jeremiah's inn, Kylee's Kare Kitz, YOU, Inc., Hector Reyes House, Grafton Food Pantry, Boston Area Gleaners, and agencies in the Greater Boston Food Bank's network.

"Partnering with Project Bread means we are part of a vibrant community of hunger-relief agencies that are all working in their individual ways to aid food insecurity in Massachusetts," says Cordelia Lyon, CHP's Executive Director. "It is through the strength of that community that we will truly make an impact, and reduce the number of individuals who lack access to nutritional, fresh produce."

In 2017, CHP hosted 8,456 volunteers who grew 271,509 pounds of produce for donation — enough to reach 90,000 food-insecure individuals. We are proud to support Community Harvest Project — and we couldn't do it without your support.

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