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Another trip to the doctor's office?
Maria year end story

Here he was, a five-year-old boy back on the exam table, visiting the clinic again for a follow-up, still not over the cold he came in for three weeks ago.

The boy’s father told the doctor his son had been acting up more at home lately, and was having a harder time getting up in the morning for kindergarten. Looking over the results of the blood work, the physician discovered the boy's iron levels were extremely low.

"When I see these types of symptoms in young patients, the sirens in my head always go off," the doctor told me. "They are all tell-tale indicators of a bigger problem—food insecurity."

Did you know that food-insecure children are 31% more likely to be hospitalized than children who have adequate access to healthy food?

Hunger can be an invisible problem in our society, but one place it never hides is in children. Children are more vulnerable to the impacts of hunger, which shows in their diminished short- and long-term health.

Today, 1 in 7 children in Massachusetts doesn't have enough to eat at home.

Thanks to your support of Project Bread, our medical staff partners in health centers across the state are assessing their patients for signs of food insecurity. Through these screenings, we are connecting food-insecure children and parents with resources like emergency grocery vouchers to feed them today and ongoing food assistance programs to ensure they won't be hungry tomorrow.

Food insecurity is both treatable and preventable. Will you make a difference in these children's lives with a donation to Project Bread?

Every $50 provides up to 100 healthy meals for hungry children across Massachusetts.

Will you please make a gift this season to keep food-insecure children out of the clinic, and home for the holidays?

Happy and healthy holidays,

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