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A choice between food and heat
Erin year end story

Despite working hard her whole life and carefully saving for retirement, Joan never could have planned for this.

Only a few years into her retirement, Joan became the guardian of her 11-year-old granddaughter after a tragic accident took her daughter's life.

"It is hard when you realize that what you earned in your whole life won't be enough," Joan told Project Bread when she called our FoodSource Hotline earlier in December. We were able to quickly help Joan apply for SNAP, to receive monthly benefits that would help feed herself and her granddaughter. She was grateful, but wasn't hopeful that her application would be approved in time for Christmas.

Just this week, our staff saw that Joan's benefits had been approved and called her to share the good news.

"It is a Christmas miracle. Do you know how much food I can buy with $50?" Joan said.

Our Hotline Counselor told Joan she must have misheard the number—she would actually be receiving $150 a month.

With this news, Joan began to cry. She had been struggling to decide if she should have complete meals for herself and her granddaughter during school break or if she should keep oil in the tank to heat their home.

Joan's Christmas miracle belongs to you—the caring supporters of Project Bread who make our work possible. The FoodSource Hotline is a critical resource for the 1 in 10 households in Massachusetts that don't have enough food to eat. With your generous support, we will continue to feed hungry families across the state during the holidays and throughout the year.

Will you make a special holiday gift to Project Bread today? Every $50 provides up to 100 healthy meals for hungry families.

Thank you and warmest wishes this holiday season,

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