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October 16, 2018
Why your vote matters

Your vote is your power! Help break the cycle of poverty and foood insecurity, and make a difference in the lives of Massachusetts residents like Evelyn.

Growing up, there wasn't much healthy food in Evelyn's home.

"It was hard enough to afford food at all. My mom couldn’t risk any of it going bad."When hungry, Evelyn remembers going straight to the pantry to look for something to eat—but "there wasn't ever a lot of food in the fridge." Evelyn believes without a doubt that her low-quality diet growing up is the cause of her health problems today.

As an adult, Evelyn has developed diabetes, which has recently has started to take her vision. Reading and writing is getting harder every day. She sees herself following in her mother's footsteps, struggling to afford nutritious and healthy food for her own family. She fears for her children's health and futures.

“I don't want them to get sick like me, I want to give them healthy food. I want them to have a chance.”

To make sure there is enough to eat, Evelyn relies on critical government programs like SNAP to help put food on the table. The future of these programs is in the hands of legislators YOU vote into office.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Those struggling with food insecurity often face any number of other systemic barriers to success because of their race, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, and other factors out of their control. 

You have the power to help break the cycle of poverty and hunger for people like Evelyn.

Make your voice heard — VOTE on November 6!

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