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December 21, 2018
Project Bread Opposes USDA Rule on SNAP Work Requirements

Restricting access to food will harm low-income individuals in our state. 

Project Bread strongly opposes the USDA’s new rule on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) work requirements which will further harm many of the most vulnerable SNAP recipients. Food is a basic right for all people, regardless of employment status. We know most people on SNAP who are capable of working are in fact working. Some, however, are unable to find work for reasons out of their control. 

Under current SNAP rules, in areas of high unemployment or limited job opportunities, states have the ability to waive requirements of certain adults to work or be in job training programs for 20 hours per week in order to continue receiving SNAP benefits. 

The proposed regulation takes away a state’s ability to address the specific employment circumstances in a particular community by doing away with waivers, which are critical to ensuring hungry adults are able to maintain a healthy diet in difficult times. Among groups which disproportionately experience high rates of unemployment such as unskilled workers, people of color, and immigrants, restricting waivers will only perpetuate existing inequities. 

We urge the administration to withdraw this rule.

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