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December 22, 2017
New Tax Plan Will Increase Hunger in MA

This week, Congress voted on a tax plan that could increase hunger in Massachusetts and throughout our nation — they have proposed paying for the approximately $1.5 trillion increase to the deficit by putting programs like SNAP on the chopping block.

In Massachusetts, 1 in 8 residents rely on SNAP. Today, it's children who are receiving the majority of SNAP benefits, and we know how critical good nutrition is for children to grow, learn, and thrive. Cuts to this program would be devastating to households throughout the nation.

All households, regardless of income, aspire to provide their families with a nutritious, complete diet. Yet after balancing other bills such as housing, transportation, heating, and childcare, low-income households often have little left over for food. SNAP enables families to bridge these gaps and afford the good food they deserve.

We all must lend our voice to end hunger by fighting these impending cuts to SNAP. Talk with your friends, family, and neighbors about why families in our state and nation are hungry. Call your legislators and tell them that we must preserve SNAP, the most effective anti-hunger program. 

If you want to continue to stay informed about state and federal policy updates and learn how you can help, join the Project Bread Action Team. We know hunger is silent, so we speak up.

Share this statement with your network to help us amplify our message.

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