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May 20, 2014
Let’s Prepare Healthy School Breakfast: Menu Planner & Recipes

Let's Prepare Healthy School Breakfast is a cookbook that provides school nutrition directors with a one week cycle menu for breakfast including: tips for menu planning; delicious recipes; and alternative menu cycles that offer healthy breakfast choices to students.

The best way to increase breakfast participation is by making a breakfast model change that incorporates breakfast into the school day, such as Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC). To help make moving breakfast out of the cafeteria easier, Project Bread has created a two-week cycle menu to help out with at least one facet of the transition: the food.

Breakfast Recipes include:

Breakfast Syrups

Loaded with Zucchini Muffins

Sweet Potato Muffins, Oatmeal

Yiayia's Greek Omelet Pita Pockets

Nick's Not-So-Canned Salsa

Homemade Granola

Download Let's Prepare Healthy School Breakfast

Project Bread's Chefs in Schools program has created a cycle menu that focuses on less messy, handheld items that are easy for students to grab n' go during the busy morning. It also features very healthy and affordable options and provides a list of sample products you can use to create them. We know that not all schools can do alternative models, we included a two-week-cycle menu for a traditional breakfast model. By combining these resources, we hope we have created a useful guide for offering healthy options through alternative service models. 

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