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June 25, 2020
National Anti-Hunger Week 2020

Project Bread is joining anti-hunger organizations and allies nationwide for the June 22-26 Anti-Hunger Week of Action to emphasize the importance of SNAP and other key nutrition priorities. Join us by taking action today!

This week, June 22-26, Project Bread is joining anti-hunger organizations across the country for an Anti-Hunger Week of Action to highlight the importance of SNAP and key nutrition priorities before Senators adjourn for the summer.

SNAP has been incredibly effective in getting food to the people that need it, and it has become more important now than ever with the impact of Covid-19 on households. We’re asking that the Senate pass a Covid-19 relief package that will increase the strength of SNAP during this time by:

  • raising the maximum benefits by 15%
  • increasing the minimum SNAP allotment from $16/month to $30/month
  • waiving the SNAP time limits that put people’s eligibility in jeopardy

The House has already passed these measures as part of the HEROES Act, but now it is time for the Senate to do the same.

Below are two actions that you can take today, and as always, thank you for joining us in our fight to end hunger.

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