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August 1, 2017
Fundraising Comes to Life at Waltham Fields Community Farm

“All done over here!” exclaimed Kristina after the last bed of broccoli had been planted. The other volunteers looked up and smiled, wiping dirt from their hands as the hot July sun beat down on their backs.

It was Saturday, July 29, and a group of 14 Project Bread supporters were busy in the fields at Waltham Fields Community Farm (WFCF), one of the 25 farm and garden programs that receive funding from the money raised by Walk for Hunger participants. With the broccoli done, they had completed their morning fieldwork – planting a total of 11 beds of broccoli and 2 beds of lettuce, harvesting 1 bed of garlic, and weeding 6 beds of lettuce.

"This is a huge amount for us to get done on a usual morning," said Marla Rhodes, who manages volunteers at the farm. "To say your group was responsible for even half that would be impressive."

With the hard work complete, our volunteers were in for a treat. Project Bread Chef Vanessa LaBranche demoed two recipes using fresh produce from the farm – roasted corn bruschetta and mixed green salad with strawberry jam vinaigrette. Volunteers sampled the recipes and were given recipe cards to take home.

Project Bread volunteer day at Waltham Fields Community Farms         Project Bread volunteer day at Waltham Fields Community Farms

WFCF promotes local agriculture and bolsters food access through farming operations and educational programs, using practices that are socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. The farm aims to provide 22% of its organic produce to local food access efforts.

Project Bread is proud to be able to provide financial support to WFCF’s program, made possible by the fundraising efforts of our Walk participants like volunteers Luiza and Ed, who ran in this year’s Walk for Hunger 5K. They loved the experience of volunteering for an organization supported by the money they had raised. "The teamwork atmosphere was amazing!" they shared. “We were glad that we could participate in such a positive and happy event."

You can get more connected to Project Bread’s mission and the programs that are working to end hunger in Massachusetts. Sign up for one of our upcoming volunteer days to see the impact of your fundraising dollars firsthand.

Sign up now – spots are limited.

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