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December 16, 2016
Can food make or break a community?

Can food make or break a community–we know it can!

When a community is food-insecure, it lacks a strong local food system that provides reliable and equitable access to healthy and nutritious food for all residents, regardless of income levels.

Springfield's Mason Square in an example of one of these communities; it has suffered from waves of disinvestment, resulting in empty lots, deteriorated housing, few green spaces and boarded up businesses. Once with three thriving grocery stores now has only two smaller mixed-quality markets to serve its 30,000 residents.

One of our partners is looking to change that, Gardening in the Community, a Mason Square based organization working to strengthen the communities food security by growing the local food system.

Through Project Bread's support, Gardening in the Community was able to expand their work and bring an additional 26,000 pounds of fresh, locally grown, affordable produce to the residents of Mason Square–a 20% increase over last year!

But the fresh food is only one product of their work that is helping the residents live healtheir lives–abandoned lots have been convereted into vibrant urban farms and gardens, the youth leadership program is engaging kids about healthy eating, providing hands-on-learning and summer employment opportunities, and families can now access affordable fresh produce through the Mobile Market and subsidized CSA program. By strenghtening Mason Square's local food system, the neighborhood is being revitalized.

Project Bread supports more than 20 initiatives in 15 communities that are working to transform their local food systems from the ground up for the families that live there.

Please Give to Grow Healthy Communities today, so Project Bread can continue to support transformative work that brings food justice to low-income communities around the state.

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