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2018 Community Investments Impact Report

Project Bread is committed to supporting effective partners and programs addressing hunger on the community level. Through our Community Grants Program—made possibly by Project Bread's Walk for Hunger and its supporters—we are advancing these efforts to address hunger across Massachusetts. 

To all our walkers, runners, and volunteers; to all our donors, sponsors, partners, and everyone who supported Project Bread's 50th Walk for Hunger: you have given invaluable support this year to hungry families across the Commonwealth. Thank you for your care, generosity, and ongoing partnership in our mission to end hunger in Massachusetts.

Here is the work that you made possible this year — invaluable support to residents who don't have enough to eat. 

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Investments Overview 

Grants Program 

In 2018, Project Bread provided $1 million of support to local programs across the state helping hungry people in their communities. These grants include Community Programs, 50th Celebration, and Disaster Relief grants. 

Detailed in this report:

50th Celebration Community Investments 

The state of Massachusetts has vastly varying landscapes. From rolling farmlands to bustling cities and coast communities, each region faces its own unique set of challenges that contributes to food insecurity and makes it difficult for residents to access food. 2018 marks Project Bread's 50th year of action against hunger in Massachusetts. In this milestone year, we identified three high-need communities that represent this diversity and invested more than $50,000 in each to prevent and end hunger in these communities: Cape Cod, East Boston and Greater North Quabbin.  

Massachusetts is one of the wealthiest states in the country. Yet every day, hundreds of thousands of people do not have enough food to eat. You can't tell just by looking at them. But if you listen, you may begin to understand. These are their stories. 

Hunger in Rural Massachusetts

The majority of the Greater North Quabbin region falls in Franklin County, where 96% of communities are designated as rural and nearly half of all residents live in communities with fewer than 5,000 people. Residents of this region are isolated—at a distance not only from each other but from business and services. Affordable food options are far apart and difficult to access.

In 2018, Project Bread made a 50th Celebration Community Investment of $84,000 in the Greater North Quabbin community aimed at increasing access to healthy food through Summer Eats, school breakfast, Chefs in Schools, our FoodSource Hotline, and Community Program Grants.

Mechelle, a resident of Athol, shares her own experience with food insecurity and challenges her community faces that make affording food a challenge. Read Mechelle's full story, here. 

Get Involved

Here are the top three ways for you to support our Community Grants Program...or benefit from it!

Involve your Company

Ending hunger is everyone's business—let's make it official! Publicly align yourself as a committed partner in the effort to end hunger in Massachusetts and increasing access of healthy, affordable food for all. Drive customer loyalty. Offer staff engagement. Enhance market outreach. Strengthen brand identity and cause marketing. And of course, do some real social good—change the course of a person's life, build access to vital resources in a community, drive policy solutions that impact an entire state.

We will work together to create a partnership that meets the objectives of both partners. Download our 2019/20 Corporate Partnership Brochure to learn more:

2019/20 Corporate Partnerships Brochure

We hope to hear from you! 

  Rick Wallwork
  Assistant Director of Development

Support the Walk for Hunger

51 years ago in Boston, a small group of people brought to life a big idea. Hunger was a problem in Massachusetts. And they weren’t going to wait around for someone else to do something about it. So what did they do? They walked. 

Their actions made a difference then, and still do today. The people of Massachusetts have followed in their footsteps for five decades to come together in Boston on the first Sunday of May. Every year, more than 10,000 caring people like you support the Walk for Hunger to shine a spotlight on the issue of hunger, acknowledge and help our neighbors who don't have enough to eat, and raise both awareness and much-needed funds to invest in community-based solutions to hunger.

Get Involved:

  • Form a Team with your company, school, youth group, friends and family! 
  • Become a Sponsor 
  • Register & Participate to Walk, 5K Run, or Volunteer
  • Donate
Registration will open in January 2019, but now is the time to start planning on how you will involve your network in becoming an advocate against hunger and supporting the 51st Walk for Hunger.

Funding Opportunities

Project Bread partners with community leaders and invests in established and innovative work that is addressing hunger at the community level. In 2018, we invested $1 million in 315 community-based anti-hunger programs across 97 Massachusetts cities and town.

To learn more about current funding and grant opportunities, visit