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It's time we Raise the Issue!

Hunger impacts 1 in 10 people in Massachusetts.

Hunger is an invisible problem. Food is a basic human need and yet the social climate in our country right now is quick to place blame and pass judgment about why a person is struggling to afford food. This needs to change. 

We need unity, humanity, and compassion. By raising the issue, sharing our experiences, telling our stories, and promoting understanding, together we can make ending hunger a bigger priority!

1. Support #RaiseTheIssue

Hunger is silent, so we speak up! Raise the issue by making hunger heard. Share your story and empower someone to share theirs. Post on social with #RaiseTheIssue—your personal story or experience—past or present—share what you've seen or know, voice support, help inform and ampliphy the issue with #RaiseTheIssue. 

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2. Be an Advocate - send this message

Hunger is a political problem. Send this message to your legislators today and tell them that food is a basic human need and right and that you want them to make hunger a priority issue.

3. Walk for Hunger

Thousands are out walking today to raise the issue of hunger in MA and funds that support hundreds of anti-hunger programs across the state! Make a donation to support the 51st Walk for Hunger!


Voices of Hunger

Share the Facts
Print and share these images to spread the word.

#RaiseTheIssue Stories

    Keep up to date and share your story with #RaiseTheIssue